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Saturday, October 9, 2010

341. Kerabu Timun

Cucumber is not popular among my 4 girls unless I do this appetizer/side dish. I don't often do this because too much of that cili padi seeds may get someone appendicitis. I made this yesterday and today due to their demand and that's it :)

I called this 'Kerabu Timun'. Ever try making this?

To prepare :-

Skin and clean 2 cucumbers.

With a fork, scrap the skin of the cucumbers, cut into half and slice.

Keep aside.

Slice one small shallot and 5-6 red cili padi ( very hot chillies).

Place them in a glass bowl.

Add some anchovies and a teaspoon of belacan (shrimp paste).

Cut 10 limes (limau kasturi) into halves and squeezed the juice into the bowl as well.

Add in the sliced cucumbers.

Add in salt and a little bit of sugar. Mix well.

Cover and cool in the fridge.

Eat as a side dish/appetizer.

My girls love this even though they keep saying it taste so hot!


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Merryn said...

I love kerabu timun. It's a great appetiser and i can have lots n lots of it :D

Puan Isah said...

You do? Kak isah surprise you like it too, thought you cannot tolerate hot hot and masam2 stuffs he he...

Sure glad you like it too!

Have a wonderful day today my dear :)