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Thursday, October 28, 2010

349. Crane Indulgence

My 2 year+ old grandson Alif loves those industrial machinery for lifting that we called 'Cranes'.

Even when he is eating his favorite ice cream, he must have his old crane (some parts already broken) car beside him.

So, this afternoon, on our way back after sending Noormy to work, I stopped by at the side of the road to satisfy his indulgence over 'Cranes'.

Over his awes and yell of delights, Mak isah somehow took the time to take some of these pictures.

This is a new construction going on just after entering the road to our Taman T. I think they are building another road, one going in and one going out of our Taman T. in the hope to decrease traffic jam during peak hours. If this is true (that's what hubby said), this is one good news for us.

Alif wasn't interested in all that. He kept on asking me to drive further up so he could get a good view.

He wanted to watch the 'boom' (the steel arm of the crane that holds the load) part of the Crane and it's 'scoop' did it's work.

First....it went down to scoop the 'tanah' (soil)

Then...it slides it's scoop to catch the soil

Bring the soil proudly high up

Throws the soil onto the back of a waiting lorry

When enough weight was 'felt' by the lorry driver, he will horned and drives the lorry to the other end to 'empty' it.

When 'emptied' the lorry will be driven to the Crane again and the cycle continued.

Alif loves watching that. Mak isah followed suit.

Have you actually watched that? ha ha....


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Cyah Radi said...

Your cucu is so comel.. follow after her granny. Sweet smile and sexy lips.

Puan Isah said...

Ha ha...thanks has, I know about the the 'sweet' but not so sure about the 'sexy' (grins).

Yes! he's adorable!