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Friday, October 15, 2010

344. Going to Lutong

I said to hubby the other night,' Let's breakfast at Pakcik Wan Cafe tomorrow morning.'
He wasn't going outstation and would be going in late for work.
As usual, the 3 girls with Alif would want to tag along too. Alif's father is offshore at work at the rig so that's minus one and my son Farouk is at work so that's minus two he he....

I think I mentioned in my previous post that Pakcik Wan Cafe is in Lutong. Now Lutong is
a small suburban town where Shell built Malaysia's first oil refinery. A quaint quiet little town.
Lutong's economy is generated mainly from staff of the oil and gas companies located nearby.

And like Mak isah had mentioned in 'About Me', Mak isah have had the privilege of working in one of these companies for 22 years. Since Lutong town is 7KM from Miri and Mak isah's home is 6KM from Miri so Mak isah have to drive to work 13KM to and back the same way - a total of 26KM each day :)

But not anymore.. and I rarely come to Lutong except to have breakfast like this morning.

We went this morning around 830am. I took some pictures inside a moving car :)

This was near a roundabout, already passing Miri area and going on the 'Pujut Road' towards Lutong. It rained last night so the road was quite wet.

There are 2 main roads, my side going to Lutong from Miri and the road on the other side from Lutong to Miri.

We passed 2 more roundabouts

Nearing Lutong area


Mee Kolok Perut Sapi

Kueyteow Perut Sapi

Mee Kolok Special

Few views of Lutong town - the bazaar area

I can see there weren't much changes, the same old shops selling the same things.

Lutong Market

Near it, a children playground. It is too near the roadside and have no fence.

PakcikWan Cafe is at the new shoplots. What I can see is a number of good eating places like this has sprung up here in Lutong.

I think Miri people memang kuat makan!

And Mak isah had a nice heavy (too heavy) breakfast with family today :)


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mr_abs said...

rindu eh miri. rindu eh lutong. kat sia ada masjid, sebelah ya church. cool abis

Puan Isah said...

rindu miri..rindu lutong..jom jengok2 lah kamek disitok :)

Alice Phua said...

Wah...really a lot of food for breakfast punya standard! I guess your breakfast must be so heavy so much so you feel you don't have to eat lunch for that day?

Puan Isah said...

See? I told you...we did ate a lot ha ha ha...Mak isah could imagine your eyes wide with surprise to see such amount of mee there!

LOL...no alice dear, mak isah tak larat nak jalan apa tah lagi nak consume lunch :p