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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

343. On a Fine Morning

On a fine morning I prefer using my motorbike rather than using the car to go for a little marketing around the shophouses at my Taman's housing area. I find it is more convenient to move around and park when biking.

This morning there wasn't much shopping to do, just a little this and that. I wanted to cook 'Asam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri' but hubby did not bring home some big red chillies yesterday evening. I mix red big chillies together with 'cili padi' for that dish. Red big chillies will make the soup looks red and the 'cili padi' makes the soup taste very hot. So I need to get some big red chillies :)

I also need to buy a loaf of white bread. My son said he wanted to eat bread with my cheese spread for breakfast. And I need to buy a few tins of 'Dutch Lady' Evaporated milk and some cucumbers for my 'Cendol' and 'Rojak Buah' selling for the day.

After switching on my laundry washing machine, 'armed' with my digital camera, hp, some cash and my red helmet I set off LOl...

My Honda Bike :p

This is the road to the shophouses area. I've just came out of my house lane junction, turning left. Turning right would be the road going towards town :) Err..hope you get what I meant, not out of that junction where that white car is ok, Taman T has a lot of junctions and lanes and if you are new you'll surely get lost :p

My first stop was this two lot shops called 'Capital Market'. I was looking for red big chillies and fresh cucumbers. They sell red big chillies hand packed in a small plastic which cost only RM1 each. Now where can you find 5 pieces of red big chillies which cost RM1 only? Here :) Even the Taman's Tamu sells RM2 for one 'tompok'. Of course it's more but I do not need so much red big chillies he he...
And their fresh cucumbers are really fresh not the ones which contain a lot of water. Do you know there are 2 types of cucumbers? I hope you do :)

I think most of the people in Taman T's area like buying things or food at this shop. Almost all the time in a day, this shop is full of people. People will first look here what they want to buy and only will go to another shop if they can't find what they want here.

I know because I do that myself. The shopkeepers are brothers, running a family business, friendly and 'tak hitung runding' with their customers. One time I need to pay RM12.86 for some food stuffs. I gave RM13 and received a change of RM0.20 back. Others may not notice this but I do. And most of the average income people of my Taman's area noticed this too.

This shop is considered as one of the oldest shop that first opened here, so there are lots of varieties and ways that you can get some of the things in small quantity 'cheap'. One example, you can get a 3 in 1 MILO sold in small packets @ RM1 per packet. I know it is more cheaper to buy 1 big bag (20 packets) for RM11.90. And at the Servay Supermarket where I stay it sells only in 1 big bag.

So imagine if it is in the middle of the month and you just need a few small packets surely you'll go to Capital Market he he.... Get what I mean? :)

Capital Market Taman T

See? Semua barang2 macam rojak! Sana sini! but as I go into this entrance and turn towards the right (it's next lot) their things get more better and well arranged.

The brothers (shopkeepers) seemed forever busy at work.

After getting my chillies, I turned to ride to the next row of shophouses to buy bread from this 'Dahlia Bakery' shop. A middle aged Iban couple cater Dahlia White bread here. I bought one loaf.

Dahlia Bakery shop at Taman T

As I went out early (around 7am) some of the shops weren't opened yet. And that's one thing unique about Capital Market, you can go there as early as 6am. It opened as early as that.

This is in the middle part of the shophouses area, more shophouses are coming up, as you can see at the back there...which is still under construction.

Heading towards home, I turned right to go to the main road but not before I took these pictures.

Views of the shophouses from the main road.

With that I rode towards home turning to my house lane, thinking what to take for breakfast before I started cooking my 'Asam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri' :)

Below is a picture of the 'Servay Jaya' supermarket Taman T which I took a bit later around 11am when I went there to buy my 2 tins of 'Dutch Lady' evaporated milk.

This supermarket is also very near to my own home, even nearer than to go to the shophouses earlier on.

The only thing is like any other supermarkets, it only opens at 9am each morning.
And the milk there costs Rm0.10 cheaper than the other shops.

So please.... do not think Mak isah is such a miser! :p

Believe me, indirectly, I enjoyed biking now and then breathing the fresh air in the morning.


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Merryn said...

hah! kak isah so cool! i dun do grocery shopping, everything oso i just list down n hubs do the rest. i dun drive nor do i ride a bike.. so am kind of 'handicapped' when it comes to going around places.. :(

Lady of Leisure said...

bagus jugak boleh bawak motor kan mak isah.. lady ni kereta tak reti, motor pun tak reti... ehehhe... naik basikal je lady boleh..

Alice Phua said...

Mak Isah, oh no, don't worry, I don't think of you as a miser. I think it's perfectly normal that consumers know which shop offers the best deal even if it is just a 10 sen difference. Even I would do that too! In fact I enjoy shopping for the best deal when so happen the shops/supermarkets/hypermarkets are all so conveniently around. Getting the best deal makes us feel good, right, Mak Isah?

mNhL said...

good to be able to ride on the motorbike. No traffic jam and save petrol. haha....

Temuk said...

Hi Isah
Why not? You certainly enjoyed your morning ride, the cool air, and the lovely surrounding before the day became more polluted, with increased noise, dust and smoke, and heat. And you did save some ringgit by visiting the 'cheaper for some goods' shops! Tambah-tambah untuk orang yang berjualan, setiap sen terselamat bererti kuranglah modal, lebihlah untungnya. Have a nice day!

TK said...

It's easier to go to places on a motorbike. Best la jalan2 tgok tempat Mak Isah beli barang2 dapur. Rasa mcm kita pun naik motor sama. I can imagine u on a motorbike dgn kasut adidas tu..
Sedapnya bread with cheese spread. Your children are very lucky!

Puan Isah said...

Thanks Merryn. He he..you dun? your hubs must be good doin the shopping :) Kak isah hv to do, hubby leaves all that concern with the kitchen to kak isah, he prefers go to work only he he...
Takpe..one day you will learn to drive or even ride when you want to. Tapi seronok jugak, bila keluar dengan hubs Merryn duk relax dengan Ethan kan? Itu tanda nye love :)

Puan Isah said...

Takpe Lady, enjoy the beautiful views of your surrounding while your other loving half drives he he...mana la tau one day dapat peluang belajar drive kereta kan? Mak isah ni...basikal je takde, kalau ada itu pun mak isah naik ha ha.. :p

Puan Isah said...

Thanks Alice :) yep you're right sure does make mak isah feels good, even if it was just a few cents he he...
it's great to know you think the same way too!

Puan Isah said...

mNhL, ha ha...save petrol, no traffic jam, those were 2 of the top main reasons :p

Puan Isah said...

Hi Temuk, I certainly did. Sebab itu la isah selalu 'marketing' in the early morning.
Wah faham rupa nye Temuk, iye la...setuju..bagi isah every cent tu counts :)

good morning to you!

Puan Isah said...

Naik motor sama LOL...hish tak de la pakai kasut adidas kalau jalan dekat2 Taman T mak isah Tk...pakai slipper buruk Nike(Noormy beli 2 tahun yg lepas) je :p

Bukan lucky, my son manja tu...dia balik tido kat rumah mak isah seminggu sekali je...

Like you, ahli keluarga mak isah suka cheese, spread atas toasted bread with some thinly sliced cucumber...memang sedap!

have a nice day dear :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Puan, Wow! I am impressed you riding a bike, lagi pun can take photographs riding.....Outstanding!
And really nice to see the shops. Good pics.
You have fun, bur please do be careful, huh!

I love your Honda.....out of curiosity, how much it cost beli this one?

Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Puan Isah said...

Hello U.Lee, no,no,no....I don't take photographs while riding, I certainly will stop before doing that. Yep I can drive a car, ride a bike and ride a bicycle!
Thanks for your nice comments on the pictures and my Honda. I love it too, it's only 5K+ if cash and 6K+ if HP :)

You have a nice day too!

LadyKath said...

Hi Puan Isah.. I stumbled on your blog as I was blog walking from Sarawak Bloggers main site. Interesting blog you have here. It looks like you are very adventurous too! :)

Btw, are you staying at Lintang 1? Coz that looks like my cousin's house in front of yours. ;)

Do visit me at www.kathvan.blogspot.com

Will follow your blog.. :)

Puan Isah said...

Hello Ladykath, Thanks for the nice words on me and my blog :) My passion is certainly going out and writing!
So glad you discover my blog. Ohhh...you recognize my house lane and you're right! so which one is your cousin's house? the one with the blue gate?

Have been to your blogs, yours are smashing!

LadyKath said...

Mak Isah, I just saw your reply. My cousin's house is the one with the black gate (if I'm not mistaken)... The Patrick's family, I think there's a coconut tree in front of their house. :) Not sure if you know them. Another cousin is also at the same lorong, the last house with the land rovers. Hehe..

Puan Isah said...

The Patrick's family? Laa..we're face to face each other he he..Pamela is your cousin? what a small world this is he he...Their coconut tree mereka dah tebang dah dear, Mak isah house is no.13, their's no.16 :)

Yang your other cousin at the end of the lane is which one? Don't tell me you're related to Kelvin & Claire too ha ha..