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Sunday, October 31, 2010

350. Food Indulgence

Talking about Indulgence in my last post, do you indulge in strange food sometimes? Mak isah does.

Strange means none the other family members would eat the way I do ha ha...

Oats for example, only my son & hubby will eat but just with milk. While myself, I had to add something else in, like slices of bananas or raisins in it.

This is Oat with Anelene Milk plus raisins. I find it delicious for breakfast when I am lazy to cook anything on the fire.

And then...there were times when I do not feel like eating rice but Maggi Mi! These often happened in the evenings. Maybe it is because I cooked for everyone and sometimes I do not want to eat what I cooked. Hish, get what I mean? I don't think you do :p

Imagine Maggi Mi with cauliflower? Yes that's what I found in my fridge last night. In fact I would just 'tikam' any vegetable that I can find there.
But Maggi Mi with cauliflower is not bad, better if there was 'Sayur Sawi' or even cucumber. I can just sliced the cucumber small and thin like the way I sliced cucumbers for my 'Rojak' stall :)

This is Curry Maggi Mi, not so much soup, added with half a lime juice, some sliced 'cili padi' and a boiled egg not forgetting the cauliflower.

Nice! & I had a feast :p

And I love 'Kacang Merah' that I can buy for just a few Ringgit on the weighing scale... & make them into 'Bubur Kacang Merah'. This, definitely my children wouldn't eat. I eat this cooled, and cooked it only in a very little amount which sometimes only hubby will eat but usually I eat it alone!

Bubur Kacang Merah

Do you sometimes cook food that you alone eat or do you only cook food that everyone eats?


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