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Monday, February 21, 2011

379. Seafood For Dinner

Remember Mak isah told you I will be having dinner with my 2 daughters last Friday? This post is about it, and much to Mak isah joy, hubby decided to join us for dinner too :)

So...there were 4 of us! And well I must say it was an evening of eating seafood, seafood only! I know most of you will say 'watch that cholesterol level'....but...just for this time okay?

Mak isah just lovessss... seafood! and the theme for dinner that evening was 'Eastern meets Westerns'. On one side there was Eastern food for example like 'Laksa Sarawak', 'Fried Noodles', 'Rice' & a lot of Eastern dishes and on the other side, especially near the poolside there was Western food like 'Grilled Lamb' & Grilled seafoods!

As always whenever having dinner, Mak isah started off with a plate of local fruits.

And at that dinner Mak isah went for the 'Grilled Lamb' & 'Grilled Chicken Wings'


all the grilled seafood! Like...

Tiger Prawns


Just Prawns


I ate all those grilled food with Black Pepper Sauce. Very nice.

Ahhh...for the first time Mak isah ate Osysters! Mentah lagi tu..! Have you ever tried it? I have, and they were delicious if taken the correct way...which means sprinkle some chopped garlic & ginger over it, sprinkle a dash of light soy sauce, place one small slice of cili padi (if you want it hot) and squeezed some lemon juice over it.

Take one in your left hand and with a fork take out the flesh of the osyster and place it in your mouth. Chew!

I enjoyed them and I lost count how many I ate LOL....

See the flesh? :)

Habis!! Mesti you all kata Mak isah kuat makan ha ha....err memang pun! :p

I also tried this 'Kerabu Glass Noodles'. Very nice. And very very hot! I think they add grounded cili padi in it.

Sliced Squid & Prawn dipped in flour and fried

During that dinner I broke my own rules, took 'Nescafe' instead of 'Tea' :p Too tempting!

Nescafe with these delicious butter biscuits, buns and butter! Yummy

Aya tried these cakes, Mak isah tak larat lagi :)

For the memory...

My 3rd daughter Aya & My youngest daughter Noormy

Hubby & Mak isah

The Melinau Terrace have just undergone a little renovation & re arrangement so the staff and management were anxious to know our feedback on the food and place.

Almost end of the dinner time, they gave our table some feedback forms to fill, which we were only too happy to oblige.

Our family still prefer to eat out at Parkcity Everly Hotel other than all the rest of the hotels in Miri. This hotel offer Eastern and Western Cuisine for buffet dinner every Fridays and Saturdays.

For those of you who would like to come and eat at this hotel it is located at :-

Jalan Temenggong Datuk Oyong Lawai, Miri
Phone : 085-418888 Ext. 8125
Fax : 085-419999


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CikLilyPutih said...

mak isah,

bestnya seafood escpecially lobster sedapnya. last dpt mkn lobster masa kat sibu dulu. beli kat pasar then blk trus memeber hsemate masak ikut style org sibu memang fresh sgt rasanya lah

eugene said...

Man, this sure looks like a sumptous dinner to me,, so much serving of seafood and seafood and more of it,,,,,,

i like oyster the best,the fresh one in particular, go with tobasco sauce,heavenly betul,,,,,,

good food, good family outing, good money spent and it all makes it worthy,,,,,,

CH Voon said...

Make me feel hungry!

i like the prawn dishes the most.

It look grill properly and the look nice too.

TK said...

Mak Isah..the food looks really delicious esp the grilled lamb and chicken wing tu. I love seafood too!Raw oyster tu my hubby suka sgt.Kena buat trip ke Miri ni..

[tErOmPaH bIrU] said...

wahhhh.. tangga semua gamba ya jak pun boleh rasa kenyang hihi..
at last! dapat juak kmk nangga gamba Mak Isah hehe.. Mak Isah look cute lah ;)

Goo Gaa #1 said...

Mama Isah!!!
Im droolinggggg.. yummmy!!!
hehehe.. glad u enjoyed the dinner, p/s your daughters are very beautiful n comel!! :) macam best dibuat geng tu! :)

Puan Isah said...

CikLily, Mak isah pasal makan seafood memang no.1! ha ha...Malam tu telan seafood je :p Eh..lama nye tak makan lobster, ni mesti datang sibu atau Miri ni...Kat hotel ni memang byk juadah seafood, walau pun RM48++ per pac, tapi be baloi!

Puan Isah said...

It was, Eugene :) I cannot resist seafood. That night I left the eastern cuisines and just concentrate on those grillied seafood!

A'ah I never knew those oysters were so delicious, my first time and had been meaning to come to this hotel since they introduce the new menu in.

Oh yes, tobasco sauce was available that night but eating the osyters in the way I had mentioned was even more nice!

Like you said,'heavenly' plus with my adorable family around me :)

A very good day to you!

Puan Isah said...

CH, I like that, looking at the pics made you hungry and I hope I made others feel the same way too he he...

Indeed, they were properly grilled by the 2 chefs on the spot that night :)

Have a good day!

Puan Isah said...

Nanti, kalau TK datang Miri, Mak isah bawa makan kat hotel ni :)

Wah hubby TK suka oysters jugak? Mak isah baru rasa malam tu terus rasa nak makan oysters je he he...sedap!

Apa lagi ada grilled lamb, cecah dengah 1 mangkok black pepper sauce pun habis!

Have a good evening with your loved ones my dear

Puan Isah said...

Cute? ala..mana ada...mata sepet macam cina ha ha...Click je kat 'about me' tu Biru akan nengok lagi gambar mak isah.

Profile pic biru tu manis nampak tapi tak jelas so bila terserempak dengan mak isah di mana-mana jgn segan tegur pulak ye?

Senyum mak isah bila baca nangga gambar ajak dah kenyang!


Puan Isah said...

Mira, thanks :) Ni mana pegi lama menghilang? Mesti sibuk dengan tugas eh? Have followed your goo gaa gallery.

Buat la geng he he...Mak isah daughter Aya is more quiet than her little sis Noormy tu..tapi duak-duak Mak isah best buddies :p

You be safe.

Nur68 said...

As'salam mak isah, been a silent reader all this and I just can't help myself looking at the luscious seafood spread di sia,. insyallah one of thse bila kamek balit Miri will definitely try this place...

Puan Isah said...

Wasallam Nur68 :)
Terima kasih jadi silent reader mak isah. Jangan segan2 selalu lah singgah.

Nang sedap dinner Mak isah malam ya, harap sidak sentiasa keep it that way.

Nur68 tok dari Miri macam? ya? :)

Have a great weekend!

Nur68 said...

Mak Isah, i just bump into your blog last month while blogwalking, I really enjoy reading your blog. I was brought up in Miri smp form 5, Then my family move to Kuching but honestly, I consider Miri as my hometown..hehehe..w/pun di Kuching, Miri ttp di hati ..ehhehee..panjang jak kerepak kamek eh...take care

Puan Isah said...

Eh Nur, sik da Mak isah anggap ktk ngerepak, tapi Mak isah suka ati jumpa dengan blogger Miri like you. Been to your blog, like it, sincere from the heart :)
O...cam ya, nang sekolah kat Miri..
Hubby mak isah orang Kuching, kekadang gi Kuching mek duak makan angin jumpa mak mertua mak isah. Even tho he's from Miri he prefers to live in Miri than Kuching now he he..

Have a great Sunday my dear, really nice knowing you :)