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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

373. Mak Isah Suka Hati...

I have not update for over a week. Mak Isah is not so okay here, still recovering from a bad Tonsilitis and right now recovering from coughing. Tapi Alhamdulillahh...dah beransur baik ni.

I keep blaming the weather's abrupt changes which was sunny, then wet then sunny again.

I had been busy always going out of the house either on a shopping errand, among some crowd or just going OUT.

Tapi, Mak Isah suka hati.... sebab Miri now has a REJECT SHOP (Mak isah likes their affordable clothes) at Bintang Mega Mall. Perhaps you don't like?

Reject Shop at Bintang Mega Mall


I went to a movie 'The Green Hornet' at Bintang Cinemaplex. A hilarious action movie. Dah tengok?

And then....

For the first time Miri was chosen to organize a national level CHINESE NEW YEAR Open house at MIRI CITY FAN. Despite the gloomy weather I believed over 10,000 people of Miri came out for this one day function.

I came early and left 2 hours later to avoid traffic jam and road blocks in the area.

Some pictures I took in the early part of the evening

Banners everywhere...

From a different angle

Open house means food. Food and drinks were distributed at the earlier part of the evening.

But...look at the long QUEUE! No thanks :p

Besides going to all these places I also went visiting to some Chinese friends. After 4 houses my stomach was feeling uncomfortable due to drinking gassy drinks he he....

Did you all have a blast Chinese New Year? I mean to all those of you who celebrates and those of you who were visiting?

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LadyKath said...

Wah.. Mak Isah, u make me miss Miri so much! :)

Miri dah maju kan, Mak Isah.. I went back home during Christmas and left Miri before new year. Will stop by again early next month for a day..

Hidup merantau skrg ni, mencari pengalaman.. :) Hope you're recovering fast ya..

Take care, Mak Isah :)

Puan Isah said...

Hello Kath :) Happy New Year to you! Hope your 'hidup merantau' akan menambah pengalaman dalam hidup ini :p
Don't worry my dear, that sort of life will surely toughen and makes you more independant in life. Just take good care of yourself ok?

You came back for Christmas & new year? Must be too short a visit to jalan2 cari makan kat Miri he he...

Yep, Mak isah agrees w you, Miri even slow dah slowly maju pun :p

Mak isah dah tambah ok ni..on antibiotics & cough pill now.