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Friday, February 18, 2011

378. Caught these views...

I was at the Outdoor Stadium one evening with cucu Alif & hubby. It was Alif's first outing to that place. Hubby always jog and exercised at that place whenever he could. I think I wrote one entry about it HERE.

Alif enjoyed being there and in the end he did walked around one round the Stadium ha ha....which leaves him sweating all over. Hish, his 'popo' also walked one round which was supposed to catch up with him not to run but walked! Otherwise he would have fell and hurt his knees.

And then he dragged me up the steps on to the top of the Stadium. He wanted to see what was on the top of the stairs as he caught sight one fellow walking up earlier on. So I had to follow what he wanted. Mind you, Mak isah knees not as strong as his small ones!

Reaching up on the top of the stairs, I didn't regret it, the view up there was spectacular.

Caught this view

Ha ha, Alif resting for a while when we were up to the top of the steps.

When we had come down half an hour later, I had to coaxed him to let us go home. I took this last picture while almost running after him telling him it was time to go home.

Caught that Sun sinking

Mak isah going out in an hour. Three of us (Mak isah and my 2 daughters, Aya & Noormy) going to Melinau Terrace at Parkcity Everly Hotel having dinner.

Kalau interesting, nanti Mak isah post kan ye?

Until then, here's Mak isah wishing EVERYONE a happy wonderful WEEKEND!

Mak isah.


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reanaclaire said...

wah..your kid so cute one!! :)

Puan Isah said...

Claire..he he...that's my only grandson, who will be 3 yrs old this May 4th. And he calls me 'Popo'.

Yes, very cute & loves him!

Lady of Leisure said...

mak isahhhh.. comelnya alif ni hehe.. geram lady tengok, gebu sungguh dia, mesti sedap jer dipeluk kan hehe

Puan Isah said...

ha ha Lady, A'ah besides peluk my cats, mak isah suka peluk alif. Dia pun suka :)