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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

13. A Valentine

For the last half an hour I've been reading other blogs. Almost every blog seem to be talking about how they are going to celebrate 'Valentine day'.

Here in Malaysia where there are many many kinds of festivals celebrated due to its many kind of races of people living in it, Valentine Day did not go unheeded. I am a Muslim but in a way I can feel the aura of the coming day on this Saturday the 14th February.

In my younger days, my impression of Valentine Day was a day of celebrating it with the one that you love, especially one's boyfriend or a girlfriend, one's husband or one's wife. Now as I grow older, I think it need not necessarily be those that I've mentioned above, but it can be anyone that you prefer to be with on that particular day.

I do not celebrate this day but it happened that this year 14 & 15 February this year falls on a Saturday and a Sunday. Well, I thought, what can be better than I spend a night in a hotel and just do nothing but sleep and eat? I am off from being a nanny to my grandson those 2 days!

2 hours ago I telephoned Nono my youngest daughter who works at Marriot & Spa to book me a room. Next I told my other 2 daughters of my plan. Suddenly Zu said she wanted to come along too. That means Alif her son, who is my grandson of 9 months will come along too.
Hmm... so gone will be my plan of having a quiet night I said to myself lol...

On the positive side, I said so why not? She wants to come why not let her? I guess she too want a break as well.

So the current plan is Zu will try to come off early from work on this Saturday so the 3 of us can drive early to check in at Marriot & Spa. Aya my third daughter who will be on leave then said she just want to stay home, so that should be okay with me too. She can be with me on the 12 & 13 February at home as she starts leave on the 12th.

So... I am crossing my fingers the plan will be okay.

I know it's a little early to wish but 'Happy Valentine' !


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