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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

282. Still On Cendol

Sorry for this late entry :)

These 4 items are for my cold drinks which I called 'ABC' . There are lots of other types of cold drinks I sell but this is my basic, utmost important or theme of my small humble stall he he...

The green one is called 'Cendol' in the Malay language. I do not make this myself but I got to know a friend who made this quite commercially when I started selling my cendol in 2005. She also send to many other supermarkets (almost all the supermarkets in Miri e.g. Boulevard at the Imperial Mall, the Servay Hypermarket, even at Kenyalang) . The best part is she sells me at a lower price than the Supermarkets LOL.. she says,' Buy from me la, no need to spend time making it'.

She also make the 'Cincau' (the black jelly) . So I also get this from her each time I ran out of the 2 items.
I get these 2 items direct from her house and I know exactly when to get them fresh. Usually she finished cooking these 2 items around 3pm everyday and those are to be sent the next morning to the supermarkets.

So I only make the red colored 'Sago' pellets myself. I also make the big 'Sago' pellets (not in the picture).

These small sago pellets are white when I buy them. I cook them in hot boiling water, rinse dry and then I colour it with food coloring (any color but I prefer this bright red ).

My Red Sago Pellets

Back to the top picture, can you see the red beans? I like to buy these. They sell in tins, called 'Kidney Beans' . I used to cooked the red beans which I bought in kilograms before but now I prefer these kidney beans because they are more tastier :)

Well, the other ingredients to mix these four, all I have to do is add evaporated milk, some sugar solution (measured, otherwise I wouldn't know how sweet) and add my machined ice!

For ABC drinks I used 'Gula Apong' (brown sugar) solution.

I also sells 'Pop Ice' drinks. Ever seen or drink them?

Pop Ice in Many Flavors

Strawberry Flavored Pop Ice. My chocolate flavor has ran out!

Other cold drinks beside ABC are 'Fruit Cocktail' with milk, 'Special', ice 'Laici', ice 'Longan', ice 'Air Bandung', ice 'Asam Boy' and many flavored ice syrup drinks. I gradually want to add more and improve on the present drinks as much as I can :)

This is a view of my present stall cabinet :p Today I've started to sell 'Rojak Buah' (can I say fruit salad?) too!

Fruits I've cut and displayed in my cabinet, pineapple, cucumber, buah 'sengkuang' (yam bean?), buah kedondong (great hog plum) and buah asam (mango, from my own tree).

This is my Rojak Sauce. If the sauce is nice and tasty then the 'Rojak' or fruit salad will be nice and tasty too :) I add some sesame seeds in mine. When I serve or 'tapau' (bring home) for the customers, I sprinkle some crushed groundnuts to make it even more tastier!

I was too busy serving and 'tapau' the 'Rojak' today I forgot to take a picture of it!

The next time ok :)


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TK said...

U shud see my face when I saw the thumbnail photo of cendol at your blog just now..Excited giler!. Pop Ice -I tak pnah tgok that particular brand. Look sedap!!I love Kidney beans too!Bestnya Mak Isah berniaga..and jd blogger at the same time! Mak Isah mmg hebat!

mira said...

Mama Isah..

You are definitely killing me! i love rojak and i love ABC!! i really need a map to get to you.. dapat gak lepak2 kat mama isah's stall after work. .hehehee.. :)

asnah58 said...

sedapnya lama sik makan rojak eh

Lady of Leisure said...

wow so colourful... im drooling...

Temuk said...

Hi Isah
You are really great! Selling those food items must be fun, ha? Can I come over to help? The ingredients for the ABC are actually limitless. In Semenanjung, it is also common to add pea-nut, kundur, corn, lychee, and raisin to the ABC. Of course, lebih ramuan, lebihlah harga! All the best.

Puan Isah said...

He he..thank you TK
Thank you for being so excited for mak isah, actually mak isah more excited at the same time bimbang mak isah tak terjawab comment atau tak abis singgah blog kawan2. Mak isah promise will never forget to do so, mak isah just a bit slow :)
Pop ice tu sedap,mcm2 perisa, yg best chocolate! Dalam gambar tu belum lagi taruh some 'black pearl'in it.These are found in bubble tea, I think you know.
Memang best!

Puan Isah said...

Hi sweet mira :)
Lepak le bila2 mira rasa free ha ha..
mama isah nye stall & rumah kat our local library je di taman tunku.

btw, hari cuti gawai dah nak dekat, mama isah wish you and family a happy gawai! I think you celebrate this great day right? :)

Puan Isah said...

hi again lady of leisure :)
ha ha...plus it's a hot hot hot day :p

Puan Isah said...

Hi Temuk
Thank you :) it is fun!
Yes limitless..now you give me an idea, I may add some raisin into my 'Special' now. At the moment, I put corn, lychee & some fruit cocktail into my 'Special'.
4 items is enough otherwise like you said 'lebih ramuan lebihlah harga'.

have the best day Temuk :)

Puan Isah said...

Hey asnah58...lama tak dengar berita, apa kabar? selalu2 lah datang kat blog saya ni, lebih dekat kita berkenalan :)

Rojak saya simple je, murah dan senang dibuat, semua buah-buahan je

Datang lagi!

ummufatihah said...

Salam Mak Isah... Both are my favourite.. Rojak buah and ABC.. But my ABC would be all kacang merah.. The cendol one would reduce the impact.. :)

And the kacang merah should be the big one... not the kacang hijau size... I think it should be the kidney beans like yours...

If i visit your stall i would say ABC satu, tak nak cendol, kacang merah lebih.. :)

Just to share with you, i've been a pisang goreng seller (A beginner) for two weeks now... In front of my mother's place.. Love your ABC/ Rojak idea...

And you rojak.. did i see kedondong there? and mango as well?... I better stop or else i need to book airasia ticket to Miri....

Will follow you... salam..

Puan Isah said...

Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah ke blog mak isah. Thank you too for the nice words on my cendol & rojak :)

You love those kidney beans too? Tu mak isah nye favorite! 1 tin pun abis he he...Selepas tutup stall tadi mak isah bagitau Zu (my daughter, we 2 are sharing the biznes) to make mak isah 1 bowl of ice kacang then only tutup kedai lol..

Yes, the rojak my speciality, ada kedondong as well :)

That's a great idea jual pisang goreng panas. Apa apa pun mak isah nasihat, kita ni kalau berniaga mesti la kecil kecilan dahulu..dan kita mesti minat apa yang kita jual tu. Macam mak isah gemar betul jual cendol ni..so hard work tapi kita enjoy!

A'ah..mak isah pun dah follow...

Jumpa lagi ya? :) take care

mNhL said...

Ahh...I love ABC but only the 'juice' as I don't fancy the too much ingreadient. hehe....so sharing with me is a bonus. You can have all the goodies. Nice knowing that you are selling them. Wish your business will grow and grow.....

Puan Isah said...

Thankss mNhL..!
This is more as a side income & I sell this because I find it's fun and I loveee cendol he he...