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Sunday, December 12, 2010

362. Lazy Sunday Cooking

Today was a lazy day for me, still is... because it is a Sunday! :)

So when I am lazy, I will tell my children I am 'mogok' ( on strike) from cooking ha ha...

I was kidding of course. My mouth said so, but still I cooked. Just simple dishes. And whatever I can find in the fridge.

Earlier this evening I cooked these chicken breast, that fleshy part you can find in a chicken. These fleshy part were from the previous chickens that I cooked. Usually I cut and kept the fleshy parts in a plastic bag and kept it in the fridge but cooked the rest of the parts of the chicken. Get what I mean? These fleshy parts memang tak laku :) My children prefer the boney parts ha ha... so sayang wasted ... I go and cook it today. Cooked it with some dark soy sauce.

Soy Sauced Breast of Chicken

Preparation & Cooking :-

1. Cut and sliced the breast of chicken flesh into small pieces. Washed and drip dry in a sieve.

2. Sliced 2 small shallots, 2 garlic, 2 " ginger and 1 red cili.

3. Sliced 1 lemon grass bulb into 3 pieces.

4. In a small pot, saute the ingredients (2) & (3) until aromatic.

5. Add in the sliced flesh of chicken.

6. Add 1 cup of water.

7. Add 3 - 4 tablespoons dark soy sauce (ketchup).

8. Stir well and let the chicken cooked over a moderate fire.

9. When cooked, add salt and ajinomoto to taste.

My vegetable dish for today was 'Sayur Peria' (bitter gourd) , something that Noormy, Zu, Farouk & my SIL would not eat :p 'Bitter' they say...

Sayur Peria

Preparation & Cooking :-

I cut and sliced these bitter gourd early this morning but cook them later in the evening. After cutting them I soaked them in a basin of water with some salt in it. That would lessen the taste of bitterness when they are cooked.

1. Before cooking, washed the soaked cut 'sayur peria' with water and dry them in a sieve for 15 minutes.

2. Saute grounded 2 small shallots, 2 garlic and 1 - 2 red chillies.

3. Stir well until aromatic.

4. Break 2 fresh eggs in.

5. Stir well then add in the cut bitter gourd.

6. Stir well under moderate fire.

7. Add salt and ajinomoto to taste.

8. Serve hot.

Have a lovely Sunday Evening!
Mak isah.


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Temuk said...

Salam ISAH

That bitter gourd looks really apetizing. I love having it fried with lots of pounded dried shrimps.

Pahit peria tetap menggamit
Hati ria poket berduit.

Have a nice day!

Shenny's mommy said...

Your bitter gourd makes me hungry again. My hubby and I love bitter gourd very much. It is very good to reduce heaty in the body. Therefore, I cook it at least once every month.

mira said...

haha! as young as i am~~ (dah tua sebenarnya..) i love bitter gourd!! sedapppp bah~~ especially yang sumbat2 punya and the ones thats fried with loads of egg! so sedappp la mama isah! yummm!! i miss u mama!! its been a long time since ive dropped by and blogged myself! :( will start soon!

TK said...

MakIsah, I love your blog template..Now I feel like changing mine!
I love bitter gourd eventhough it's bitter. Just love it..

Puan Isah said...

Wasalam Temuk

Yes bitter gourd with pounded dried shrimps is delicious too! But the children loves it more with loads of eggs.
aduhh...disertai dgn pantun? Isah tak pandai jawab ni...he he cuba2 ek?

Campur peria dan telor rata-rata
Bagai kan dunia ana yang punya

macam mana?

you 2, have a wonderful day!

Puan Isah said...

Shenny's mommy - really? it reduce body heat? didn't know that, thanks for the info. Hubby loves it and like you often buys it.

Puan Isah said...

Hello sweet mira!

so you love bitter gourd too. Good :)

Mama isah miss you too. I hope you won't stop blogging ok?
And thanks for dropping by & not fogetting mama isah.


Puan Isah said...

TK, wow another fan of bitter gourd he he...

Thank you for the nice words on my template. I love it too. Yes, there are lots of nice templates introduced by blogger now.

Have a wonderful week dear!