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Friday, December 10, 2010

361. She's 21

She's 21 years old! My goodness! how time flies! and she's my youngest amongst the four of my children, jewels of my life :)

Yesterday evening was her birthday. We had 'Steamboat' again to celebrate her birthday. AT HOME! And things went so well :)

She wanted 'Steamboat' so 'Steamboat' was what she got!

Just starting to do the favorite part, grilling!

Grilled stuffs, ready to eat!

With her elder sister (they are 9 years apart) :)

Eldest sister, Zu who was responsible for the Steamboat :p

With her big brother Farouk

Sigh..looking at them joking and laughing really made my heart sings with joy and happiness. I can still visualize looking after them when they were babies, toddlers and then growing up being teenagers.

No regrets, they make me alive. I am thankful I am still able to spend time with them till to this day.



TK said...

Happy Birthday to your jewel of life. Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki..
Steamboat tu mmg looks really delicious.

Puan Isah said...

Thank you v much for the wish TK :)

He he....mak isah know you like steamboat stuff (grins)