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Thursday, December 16, 2010

364. Brisk Walk at Outdoor Stadium

Yesterday evening around 4pm, hubby said to me,' Come with me to the Stadium, I jogged and you can brisk walk. Do slowly.'

So I thought why not, even though still feeling not so well with this cough and flu I do need some fresh air.

So we went. Biking to the Outdoor Stadium Miri on his Modenas clumsy bike he he...

It was the first time after a long time I had been to the Outdoor Stadium. Usually if both of us did go, hubby will leave me to brisk walk at the City fan while he proceeds to the Stadium. He said he prefers going there for his jog. So this time I decided to follow him there.

It's not so bad brisk walking there. I like the atmosphere, not too many people and not too much noise or chatters from other people.
We just do our own thing. And no one bothers what the other person is doing.

I think not many people go there because the public aren't sure if the Stadium is for the public to use. Funny eh? :)

I saw many Secondary students doing their school sport activities there, like training the 100 meters run, high jump or shot put.

I said to myself,' This is great. These students are such good example to those students who spend their time 'lepak sana sini.'

Anyway, back to me, I managed to brisk walked 3 rounds the track while hubby jogged. After finished with brisk walking I took some pictures to share with you all.

Outdoor Stadium Miri . At the bottom of this picture (which you ain't able to see) is the entrance into the stadium.

Next looking CLOCKWISE ...

The tracks....

This is the Grand Stand

Some seatings...badly need of re painting

He he...guess who is jogging ? :)

Finished with his 6 rounds he stopped to do some sit ups

We were there until 530pm. When we were leaving there were some young men who arrived to play football.

Next to this Outdoor Stadium lies the Indoor Stadium Miri, which is newer and more frequent by people because activities like concerts, IT roadshows etc., are held there.

Nowadays this Outdoor Stadium are mostly used by schools to hold school sports or other school activities.

Still, a re painting of the Outdoor Stadium would be good and moral lifting :)


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wa kaljis said...

wahhh... ya upa stadium miri duhal.. Thanks for sharing Kak Isah aaar..

Puan Isah said...

You're welcome wa, kak isah pleasure :)
Auk, cam ya upa nya...

eugene said...

You know Puan,married couple like us, this is the coolest thing we can do, enjoying our time together with our lovely spouse, me and my lovely wife religiously do it at least once a week, running.........

Life's like that right Puan, loving each other,doing things together , precious moments indeed.

have a great weekend puan

Anonymous said...

adoi..mesra manja ngan hubby la ni :)
enjoy the quality time, Puan !!!

Globalized Dayung said...

Miss this place so much. When I was in Secondary school, I was selected to represent Kuching/ Samarahan Division to compete in annual Athletics meet in Miri. I stayed at the Stadium complex. Ah those pictures bring back all memories. Tell u what, I cried at the stadium because I managed to get numb 4 in 400 m event.

Puan Isah said...

Hi eugene, thanks for passing by. you're v much welcome here. I agree fully with what you said, even though each spouse need their own time but one must never forget to spend time in something that both enjoyed.
Besides exercising together we go out for breakfast together early in the morning too or have dinner once in a week during his night off :)

That's when we talked about ourselves and what the other wants ha ha..

So glad to know you put your family first over other things, because once we lose those precious moments we'll never get it back.

A great weekend to you too!

Puan Isah said...

Thanks Luciana :)

Alaa...you notice the 'mesra manja' eh LOL..

Happy weekend dear!

Puan Isah said...

So Dency you're a sport girl once! Nice to know you have been & living at the Outdoor Stadium Miri.

Glad Mak isah brought sweet memories for you :)

Have a good weekend dear!

asnah58 said...

yarabi kacak dah stadium miri. Miri sedang pesat membangun banyak perubah dgn wajah baru.

Puan Isah said...

He he..bila kitak last datang miri asnah? :)