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Thursday, December 2, 2010

358. Tis' & Tat' and Kurma Ayam

Okayyy...so I've again changed my template and I just love this one I am using! Food & stuff ha ha...
BTW, so sorry I've been away from blogging this couple of days. Life been quite hectic for the last few days with NOT MYSelf but with my family members. Hmmm.... just this morning when fetching Noormy from Marriot & Spa resort, I told her maybe I now badly need a day off from the house ! Immediately she asked,' when ma? just let me know and I will book you a night there.'

Have you EVER feel like I do SOMETIMES? Just a day or even a couple of hours away from the HOUSE? Lol... I bet you don't.

Enough of that, I've just received an email from SARAWAK BLOGGERS core team to change my 'blogger of the month' badge. They want to make it into one logo now. The latest, that's the one I just put up ( the blue one).

It looks nice :)

So, change my logo might as well I also changed my template. I likeeee....

Today I cooked ' Kurma Ayam' for lunch. Something the girls not really in favor of except Noormy but hubby loves this dish.

Kurma Ayam

I used 2 pieces of 'Paha Ayam' (2 large thigh of a chicken, cut and cleaned).

RM1 Kari Kurma Hidup ( you can buy this from the Indian Stall ) e.g. in Miri it is at the old 'Tamu Muhibbah'.

1 packet of Kerisik Kelapa ( coconut paste) . You can either use 1 whole packet 100gm or half of it.

RM1 Kari Kurma ( Kurma Paste)

Kerisik Kelapa

To cook -

1. Saute grounded 2 garlic, 2 small shallots, 2 cm ginger in a pot

2. Add in the Kurma paste, then the Kerisik Kelapa

3. Add a bit of water, leave to boil over moderate fire for 3 minutes

4. Add in the cut chicken thighs

5. Add in 1 cup of Evaporated Ideal Milk

6. Add in 1 cup of water

7. Let boiled until chicken parts is tender, once in a while stirring with a ladle and adding a little more water

8. When cooked add in 2 - 3 spoons of sugar, add salt and ajinomoto to taste

9. Taste should be a bit sweetish and not too salty.

I served this dish with hot rice and some of my homemade Sayur Masin with hubby enjoying it more than anyone else LOL...

My homemade Sayur Masin which I had posted here before.

Welcome to December !
Mak isah



ME said...

nice blog .. hmm sedapnya kurma

Puan Isah said...

Hi :) Terima kasih.

Mrs. Bee said...

nice template Puan..and nice kurma also...

Sometimes, I feel want to stay away a while from this hectic life, juggling between work and jaga anak...but tak bole la..tak sampai hati je.. :)

cyrildason said...

im not a fan of ayam masak kurma... hehehe... dunno why, but im more of a curry person.

Puan Isah said...

Thank you Luciana (Mrs Bee)!

That was exactly how I'd felt when my 4 children were still small, guilty betul bila nak tinggal2 kan mereka, he he...tapi...when they are bigger that will all changed.

I do understand how you feel, and you are such a good loving mother. it shows! :)

Puan Isah said...

That's understandable Cyril, I am not such a fan of Kurma either, but some people just love it, like hubby & my youngest doter did. Only 2 of them like it than the rest of the family that's y I rarely cook it.

Kurma has a sweetish taste.

Yes, curry is such a favorite to all of us!

Cyah Radi said...

I always love Sarawak Kurma. Be it chicken or beef. Its not the same as the one they have here in Selangor. I always cook my version of kurma and my children love them. P/S i love your new template...

Puan Isah said...

Hi Has! thanks! & thanks for stopping by. Have stopped at your blog and m following you now.

In what way selangor kurma different? you mean the kurma paste?

Visit me often will you? :p