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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

145. Bleak Day & Sambal Nasi Lemak

It rained heavily the whole day. I decided just to stay home.

My 2 daughters Noormy and Aya are in. We decided to cook 'Sup Tulang' with some meat added to it. I will make 'Sambal Nasi Lemak'. Mind you, just the sambal :p My daughters love to eat hard boiled eggs dipped in this sambal.

While I was home, Noormy and Aya went out for a while to buy something at the shoplot and on their way home Noormy took this picture of a bleak today :)

'Rain, rain, why don't you go away?

Anyway, while I was home and with alif still sleeping I took the chance to cook this 'Sambal Nasi Lemak'. It isn't necessarily need to cook the 'Nasi' but what I usually do is cook a couple of eggs hardboiled and after peeling off the egg shells just put in the eggs into this 'Sambal Nasi Lemak'. One can eat this with an ordinary cooked rice.

'Sambal Nasi Lemak'

What I need is 12 - 15 red onions, 10 - 12 pieces of garlic peeled, 2 teaspoonful 'Belacan', 2 - 3 tablespoons of my already blended dried chillies.

Blend all these ingredients in an electric blender adding half a glass of water.

Do not forget to add some tamarind juice as well.

Blend well and pour ingredients into a hot pan containing some cooking oil.

Stir well until boil.

Throw in some anchovies.

Add some sugar, salt and aji to taste, while continue to stir until the gravy is quite thick.

Cool and pour into a container.

After meals keep the rest refrigerated.


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