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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

312. A Movie Day

Do you often go out alone or eat alone?

Eating 'Mcdonalds' porridge at 'Sugarbun'

I do.

Yesterday I had a nice time. I've always enjoyed going out alone. It's when I feel free.

In the morning I sent Aya (my 3rd daughter) to work, telling her I need to use the car. She was on morning duty (9am - 8pm) so I would fetch her around 8pm.

It was just one of those days that I felt I needed a day to myself.

But it was always my nature leaving the house only after finishing all the day's housework - from cleaning my cats' cages, feeding them, cooking for lunch, laundry, sweeping or mopping the floor and cleaning the sinks and kitchen. I can't enjoy my outing if I hadn't done all those first :)

By 130pm I was done with all those. And I was already up stair to take a good shower, dressed and rest for a while before I go out.

I told Zu I was going out to see a movie. I said a 'movie' but in my head, I was also thinking if I have enough time, I would need a hair trim as well or...sitting at 'Starbucks' sipping a cup of hot brewed coffee. Mind you, I have been off coffee for the past 6 months so I don't know why I was thinking of sitting at 'Starbucks'. I guess what I really needed was just be alone.

Before I drove off at 320pm, I also carried a novel 'Drop Dead Beautiful' by Jackie Collins, my Nike water container and of course my purse and hp. I've had a heavy breakfast so I just grabbed 2 pieces of buns (already in a plastic each) with me. Those would fill up my stomach while watching the movie later on.

Reaching the Cinemaplex at Bintang Mega Mall I was in time to buy the 415pm show. One ticket for that day cost RM9 per person. No, I didn't see 'Eclipse' but 'Predators'. I needed some action movie to see at that particular time. I have seen the 'Predators' trailer advertisement and to me not bad at all.

So munching the buns and drinking my water I sat alone enjoying the packed action thriller movie. You'll be surprised what 'chit chats' and gossips I heard of those seated behind me or in front of me just before the movie started he he...

The show finished at 6pm. And you know what, then I felt like seeing 'Eclipse' LOL...
It's next show would be at 7pm, so before buying the ticket I walked to Aya's office (she worked in one of the shops as Section Head) to asked if she could wait up for me. It was because she worked until 8pm but my movie would finished at 915pm. Goody, goody :) she said she didn't mind as she got some work to finish too.

That's how I landed seeing 2 movies in one evening LOL...

It was cold in the cinema hall during the first movie. Later while waiting for 'Eclipse' to start I bought a pack of hot porridge from 'McDonalds' for RM4.50, a bottle of mineral water at 'Giant' for RM0.79 to fill into my Nike water container but I sat at 'Sugarbun' table to eat it he he...
Malas (lazy) to go back to 'Mcdonalds' on 2nd floor and 'Sugarbun' is on Ground floor as 'Giant'.

I even have time to read my novel while eating my porridge. At times like that when I am eating alone, I don't mind the buzz and the noise, and chatters of the people around me. I was entirely in a world of my own and enjoying myself. At times you do catch me 'cuci mata' ha ha ha...

I did asked my girls and my son if they mind or feel at ease eating alone outside. Zu, Farouk and Noormy said they are okay with it except Aya. Aya said she'll feel embarassed or shy.

10 minutes before the movie started I use the lift to go to the Cinemaplex at 3rd floor.

What a day!

But there wasn't time to go to the saloon or visit 'Starbucks'.

Another day perhaps :p

p/s. I got this article somewhere some time ago, I don't think it can help Aya though :). She always need one of us to go with her when comes to eating outside.


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Mommy Ling said...

Me too enjoy outing alone but definetely not eating alone..i rather starve than eating alone...but if i real damn hungry, the next thing i can settle for is getting a bun, right..hahahha

reanaclaire said...

wow..watching 2 movies in one day? never experienced that before.. yes, like ling, i never eat alone.. shopping alone, yes, anytime!
puan, added u to my bloglist already..

Puan Isah said...

Rather starve than eating alone LOL...all right I can understand how you feel..just that..sometimes I wonder why I am 'too' all right with it? I am not 'queer' am I? :p

Puan Isah said...

Better don't he he...I felt a bit groggy after coming out of the second show LOL..it will be worst if I didn't have a rest like sitting down and eating something in between but sometimes I do crazy things LOL..

Uwahh..you too? Never eat alone? :)

Hey thankksss for adding me!

mNhL said...

Oh....I don't mind being alone at all! No pressure and can eat and walk as slow as I like! haha....

Wah...your outing are so fruitful. 2 movies at 1 go! Hmm...I've never been to the cinema alone though.

Puan Isah said...

My outing was crazy! but suddenly I felt subdued afterwards..asking myself..what was I doing? 2 movies at one go? Then I pat myself and said,'ah I do this once in a blue moon mah..'

LOl..'can eat and walk as slow',now I get a 'partner' in you mNhL, we're in the same boat ah

TK said...

What a wonderful life!Yap..sometimes it's nice to go out alone and have fun your own way..Jeles ni.. Mak Isah dapat tgok all those nice movies..heh
How's the movie 'Eclipse'? Best tak? I suka sgt pontianak handsome tu..!!!

Puan Isah said...

Jeles LOL... don't worry TK, one day your turn will come when gradually children have grown up, you'll know what to do. But don't let mak isah frighten you :p
Just enjoy life as it goes by... :)

Eclipse? BEST! can't wait to see the 4th movie "Breaking Dawn". Which pontianak handsome ha ha ha...Edward or Jacob? mak isah in favour of Edward character, he's calm & romantic while Jacob is impulsive and possessive he he.. chewahh :p


Merryn said...

Kak Isah, I was in McD too and ate their latest GCB! Sedap! :D

by the way, received your vouchers dy :) Thank you. Dah blog bout it pun :P

Puan Isah said...

Hello Merryn!
You did? Kak isah loves McD too! A bit pricy, they comes in small packs but the taste are good!

That is nice of you :) thanks for blogging about it!