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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

319. Something New

In my last post, I was requested by Josh to join this 'Giveaway Scout', I mean add my blog to this Giveaway Scout a couple of days ago.

This is something new to me.

I went to the site to find out and read some easy rules here.

I read that 'Giveaway Scout' is a giveaway search engine. When I subscribe means I receive updates on the latest giveaways on the web. and when I add my blog to this 'Giveaway Scout' my giveaways will be exposed to their large network or users.

I've agreed because I was promised these -

Two ways to include your giveaways on our website:
  1. Submit your blog (done). Upon approval we'll scan your blog regularly for giveaways and list them (free)
  2. Promote your blog in a sponsored position to get higher traffic to your giveaways fast. Sponsored listings get up to 10 times the traffic of regular listings. (Click here to learn more about this option)
Since this is all FREE and I get higher traffic, I thought why not?

And by reading other people's giveaways it would give me some ideas about other people's giveaways as well :)

Next all I need to do is just add their widget to my sidebar that's all.


Oh btw, please note that my recent 2 giveaways and any future giveaways that I blog on this blog would be entirely my own and they were not sponsored by anybody :)


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