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Sunday, July 11, 2010

311. A Quite Hectic Saturday

I had a quite hectic Saturday. I was out from 130pm until 630pm in the evening. I still feel tired even today, on Sunday.

I suppose all of you are aware that 'Eclipse' is now showing in town. Zu (my eldest daughter) is just crazy about this 'Twilight Episodes'...so..when she asked if I can help see to Alif (her son) so she can go to see the movie, I had agreed.

So we both took 'off' from selling 'Cendol' and we went out. As Aya was off for a day and Noormy was on midnight shift, I dragged these two along as well LOL...
The idea was they could tag along so indirectly could help me looked after Alif too!

Zu was supposed to see the movie at 230pm but when we reached the cinemaplex at Bintang Mega Mall with her, it was full, no seats, so she bought a ticket for the 430pm show time.

My 2 daughters, Aya and Noormy aren't that 'crazy' about this movie, they had planned to see it next Tuesday on their off days. Only Zu couldn't wait :p

Twilight - Eclipse

So after buying her ticket, we had 2 whole hours before her movie started. It was only 230pm. I suggested we have something to eat first, I knew we were all hungry as it was such a rush rush going to town earlier on. We had left the house at 130pm trying to get a ticket for the 230pm show. We had a late breakfast and we had missed lunch.

Bintang Mega Mall only offers fast food eateries. Zu and I felt like eating rice so the only choice was 'Sugarbun'. So four of us with Alif, sat there until 4pm eating 'Assam Fish' and 'Eco Fish'.

There were too many people and there was a large crowd at the Sugarbun area. Everyone were eating and chattering. The noise was tremendous. And it was starting to give me a headache. I don't like crowded areas, it was hard to relax when eating in a noisy atmosphere. Noormy said it was Saturday that was why there was a lot of people around especially youngsters. Saturdays was their day.

We left the table at 4pm. Zu head towards the Cinemaplex while we went to the 4th floor to the car park. Alif was due for his afternoon nap and the only way to make him less excited and go to sleep was a car ride in the car while drinking milk from his bottle :)

While he slept I could just drive to the Pet Shop to get some litter sand and 'Wiskas' for my cats.

Alif having his nap in the car

Oh, btw, have you tasted these 'Donashi'?

These were from 'BigApple Donuts & Coffee' , much smaller than the ordinary 'Big Apple' donuts. I think because they were small and decorated like a 'shushi' that's why they were called 'Donashi'. They looked so cute too! I like them better than the ordinary Big Apple donuts, not too sweet and they have fillings inside as well as the decorations on top.

28 pieces of Donashi for RM28 per pack

So 'sempat' (in time) I grabbed one pack on my way up to the 4th floor LOL...

The rest of the time waiting for Zu was spent in the car. After buying my cats' stuffs I drove up to as far as Piasau Bridge and then back to Seberkas Roundabout. There, we stopped by 'Selihah Restoran' to have some drinks.. and to have a second helping at the ' Lamantak, Linut or Embuyat' ha ha ha...

It was while we were there, Zu text me to say she's done and that I could pick her up.

It was a day full of eating! I ate so much! The girls too. You'd know how it feels, attending to a 2 year old chattering lively little boy, our stomachs full, feeling tired, all we want then was go home and rest.

The next time Zu wants to see a movie and asked me to accompany Alif, I think I will stay home.



mr. pineapple man said...

too cute! and sweets look delicious!

mira said...

mama isah!!!!!

what's donashi??? macam sedapppp!!! i want! waaaaarghh.. meliurrrr~~~ cam sedap cam sedap.. sedapppp~~ y i tak penah dengar pun.. mama isah dah p tgk eclispe! tak adil, din bring me..

CikLilyPutih said...

sedap tak donashi nie? belum ada kesempatan untuk pi beli lagi lah.

Puan Isah said...

They were cute & delicious mr pineapple man :) And like I said they not only have decorations on top but have filling inside!

Puan Isah said...

mira dear..
tak tau donashi tu apa? eh dah on sale kat 'Apple donuts & coffee' di Bintang mega mall tu la...selalu kuar adverts kat tv3 :)

bukan mama isah yg tengok esclipse last sat. Zu je, mama isah jaga Alif he he..mungkin ari ni gi tengok, sorang sorang ha ha ha..nak enjoy jap!

Puan Isah said...

Lebih sedap dari ordinary donuts kat Apple Donuts tu cik lily...cuba la..tak tau la cam ne your taste pulak, bagi saya sedap!!

TK said...

I suka sgt Eclipse. Tgok byk kali pun tak puas. Twilight episode tak tau bila bole tgok huhu..

Just bought Donashi last week. I love them too..lebih sedap dari yg biasa tu.!

Merryn said...

lol. u know, i'd give anything to go for a movie rite now! have not been to one in 3 years!

Puan Isah said...

YOU are a TWILIGHT fan TK :)
Mak isah went yesterday evening, saw not only Twilight ECLIPSE tapi saw PREDATORS too! LOL..

A'ah tu la..donashi lebih sedap dari donuts yang biasa tu kan?

Puan Isah said...

Uwahhh..tahan you tak tengok movie for the last 3 years Merryn!

Kak isah can understand that :) Just like my daughter Zu, she had her son Alif, sometimes quite difficult for her to see a movie unless Kak isah babysit Alif just like last Saturday he he...

mNhL said...

U r such a nice mummy. When I asked my mum to look after my kids while I go for a movie, she will frown and said "what is there to watch"?

The donashi are yummy!! Had that once few weeks back.

Puan Isah said...

Not really MnHL he he.. You see..I looked after Alif last Saturday. Yesterday (Monday) it was my turn to see Twilight. I know my other 2 single girls wanna see it today as they were both off, so yesterday I went alone. And what fun I have just enjoying a movie ALONE!

I do understand that sometimes we need to be alone,or with our partner enjoying something without the distraction of our kids :)

He he.. like I said the donashi are yummy right? :)