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Sunday, July 25, 2010

318. Chicken Wings Kari Adabi

Out of curiosity, have you ever fry chicken wings with salt and curry 'Adabi' powder instead of salt and turmeric powder?

I did. And it tasted just as nice except the fried chicken wings would taste a bit 'hot hot' :) Just a bit.

My monthly kitchen ration will always include a packet of turmeric powder and a packet of 'kari Adabi'. These are a must. It always happens that almost near the end of a month I ran out of my turmeric powder first.

Yesterday I have 13 chicken wings which I wanted to eat, fried...but ran out of turmeric powder! And I was too lazy to go to the nearest shop ( only a few minutes away) to buy it when in the middle of cooking time.

So what I did was marinate my chicken wings with salt and 'Kari Adabi'! Of course you all know what a packet of 'Kari Adabi' looks like kan?

Then just deep fried the chicken wings...

My Marinated Chicken Wings with Kari Adabi

My Fried Chicken Wings with Kari Adabi

They tasted as good! Except they have a darker color of course!

Try it if you run out of turmeric powder :)

Have a Lovely Happy Sunday Everyone!

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Pak Idrus said...

Chicken wings come in three parts. I saw only tow parts. What has happened to the other parts that made it a complete Chicken Wings. With the three parts you could make it hold together and when fried it would look like a triangle. A great presentation on the table.

Try it with oyster sauce, its heaven!.

Take care.

Josh said...

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reanaclaire said...

thanks for the tip... i fried with ginger and garlic spices at times..

Alice Phua said...

Oh, my mum marinated chicken and fish with curry powder too, and they taste good too!

Puan Isah said...

Will try with Oyster sauce soon Pak Idrus, thanks for the tip :)

Yes I have tried frying them in a triangle shape several times but some keeps slipping off :P Now most of the time I cut the wings into 2 and then marinate, that way they look more in quantity and especially my son prefers the wings really well cooked all round. So I have to let go of the table presentation he he..

Hey thanks for dropping by Pak Idrus :)

Puan Isah said...

Thanks Josh, will do so :)

Puan Isah said...

You're welcome reanaclaire :)
Ginger and garlic spices? Maybe I should keep those at home as well

Puan Isah said...

Really Alice? That's good to know :)

TK said...

Hi Mak Isah! Harap Mak Isah sihat2 selalu! I've tried frying chickens with curry. It tastes good! Memang sedap! Lama tak buat..almost terlupa about it..

CH Voon said...

the chicken wing look nice. should be nice to eat too.

Puan Isah said...

Mak isah sihat je TK..thank you for asking :) hope you are doing fine with you cookies selling there.

Kalau ada chicken wings masak la dengan curry he he...

Ni..mak isah nak cuba masak chicken wings with oyster sauce or with ginger and garlic spices jugak kalau ada peluang :)

Puan Isah said...

CH Voon, they looked dark because they were marinated with curry and I fried them a little longer as my son preferred them well cooked but they were nice to eat :) And eaten while still hot!