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Thursday, July 15, 2010

313. Old But Handsome

On Tuesday evening, my 5 year old 'Cendol' Ice Machine got a new look!

Why, because my son-in-law came home on that evening and asked if he could paint my ice machine with another colour! I said,' Of course Ok!'.

So, he set off to work immediately. I think he finished the work (painting all over the 'old' green colour) almost midnight.

But he was called back to the ship (he works offshore) as there was no one in charge of the small barge that night. And he didn't come back home until Thursday morning!

The first thing when I woke up on Wednesday morning was to check how it looked like after the painting he did. All the parts were dismantled and to my dismay the paint was still sticky to my fingers, means not really dried up yet. And even if the paint had dried up, my son-in-law wasn't around until Thursday to put back all the parts together. Zu and I wouldn't know how!

So I couldn't open my stall on Wednesday! Hish I thought, too many off days already. I was off last Saturday, then on Monday now Wednesday! Too many off days like this 'nanti sure kena gulung tikar' he he...

Okay, my son-in-law came around 9am on Thursday and he said he was going to put back all the dismantle parts then. Meanwhile after really checking on the paint we both agreed it was still rather 'printy' (if I press my finger on the paint I left my fingerprint on it) and my son-in-law said I better leave it another day again to dry.

I was pretty disappointed, I had got every thing ready and done with the preparations in the kitchen. Then I thought about it again. I said to myself,' Oh well, all right, another day.' I was in the 'what to do' mood already.

So today not selling too :(

I continued my housework in the kitchen.

An hour later I went to the front door when my son-in-law called me to have a look at the machine.

I was pleased with what I saw :) My ice machine looked as good as new!

See, Isn't it 'handsome' and has a new look now? :) okay, okay, 2 complete days not selling! It certainly was worth it ha ha...

This colour... I like it. Now that 'steel' looking thing on the right is the motor of the ice machine. When 'on' and connected to the electric plug, that motor moves the drill down onto the ice that makes the ice move round over the sharp blade underneath it. Ha ha.. I am not sure if you understand what I try to explain :p But that's what it does.

Whatever...to a 'Cendol' seller like me, I MUST protect that 'motor' from ever getting wet, by water or by rain. That is why I always 'bandaged' it (motor) with plastic and taped when the ice machine is in 'operation' and at all times. If the motor gets wet it will not function and the ice machine will not be of any use to me.

The 'old' green colour which have got rusty. Not very nice looking. No wonder my son-in-law wanted to paint it.

Now... I like!!


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TK said...

. That is such a big ice machine..oh..so very nice of your son in law to do that. Takpelah, it's really worth it. Now you got a better looking ice machine.. makin semangat nak jual cendol kan..I lately gila sgt makan ABC...Nanti fasting month mesti laku cendol you!

Mommy Ling said...

Yea...from good old looking now become a smart one. Omg, i m drooling for Cendol now. Puan Isah, one cendol pls!! LOL!!

Lady of Leisure said...

wow... tengok the machine saja sudah terpanggil2 nak makan cendol... love cendol so much esp dengan cuaca panas sekarang ni kan..

Puan Isah said...

TK - I know...this is quite an old type of machine, still can use manual or electricity to make it work, tapi mak isah always use the electricity of course! sambung wire dari kat rumah. The latest is using just electricity, all covered on the sides..mesti TK ada see when you gi makan ABC kan?

LOL..betul kata TK tu, makin semangat mak isah jual cendol :)

Semoga sukses with TK's cookies selling!

Puan Isah said...

Mommy Ling - Ha ha ha...a smart one. Sure sure cendol coming up! what would you prefer? ABC? Special? or just iced cendol & kacang? LOL..wish you are near :)

Puan Isah said...

Lady of Leisure - He he..rite, nice to eat bila cuaca panas! even me too, tak puas puas makan cendol!

CH Voon said...

can i have one ABC special?

Puan Isah said...

CH Voon...hey, you eat ABC too? Sure, sure, one coming up LOL... make one very special for you..
Sigh..wish you all are near :)

Happy Sunday!

Merryn said...

Hensem nya!!!!!! Can I drop by for some cendol too? Ice kacang oso? :D

cyrildason said...

Honestly, I find it weird that its white. But what matters most is the taste, right?


Puan Isah said...

Sure Merryn, come come..you're most welcome he he :)

Puan Isah said...

Hello Cyril,
Thanks for dropping by! Weird? not really, not when I think my ice machine as a 'he' rather than as a 'she' lol..

That's not white, it's more like beige.

Of course, the taste is what matters most!

have a nice day :)

asnah58 said...

Tak rugilah puan beli mesin ni, Tahan lasak mungkin harga nya agak mahan.

asnah58 said...

Nak tau berapa harga abc di miri sekarang ye? Harga barang semua nya naik.

Puan Isah said...

Asnah, memang tak rugi..sebab seperti Asnah kata, ia memang tahan lasak. Ada la dua tiga kali kena antar ke technician tapi itu untuk perkara kecil ja..

Tak mahal, waktu saya beli tu ari, harga nya RM500.00 je, tapi agak nya murah sikit, RM450.00 pun ada bila dah tawarkan, sebab byk ice machine yang lebih baru dan mahal dari model ini.

Puan Isah said...

Asnah, saya jual sama harga di pasar, RM2 satu plastic cup atau mangkuk. Memang harga barang dah naik pun, terutama sekali susu cair yang saya gunakan itu.

asnah58 said...

Takpe ada untung sikit pun janji ramai pelanggan. Macam mana puan ator masa sempat juga nak blogging. Actually i memang suka tengok org kita berbusines. Anyway i support you and u can do it. Semuga berjaya.

Puan Isah said...

Betul tu asnah58, janji ada pelanggan. Saya berjual hanya sebelah tengahari, dari 2pm hingga 7pm. Lepas tu tutup kedai la dan sebelom tu sebelah pagi buat keja rumah. Sebelah malam free, jika penat gi tido jika masih ada tenaga saya duk blogging :)

Terima kasih kerana support anda :)