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Saturday, July 24, 2010

317. A Bus Ride

Have you ever tried to take a bus ride?

Yesterday I did. With Alif and Zu. It has been a long time since I get on a bus. Yesterday morning I told Zu, let's take off from selling Cendol and bring Alif for his first trip on a bus. Not far :p just to town, to Bintang Mega Mall. I was curious to watch what's Alif reactions would be. And a walk at Bintang Mega Mall would do him good, in fact would do all the three of us good. I was feeling kinda tired and needed some fresh air myself.

Prior to going I asked Zu to make sure Alif had his afternoon nap. He slept for an hour and woke up at 4pm. I slept too (something I'd missed for such a long time, since selling Cendol!) from 3pm. I woke up at 5pm.

We set off to the nearest 'pondok' bus stop near home and waited there. While waiting, I said to Alif in local Sarawak Malay, ' Mauk nait bus?'. He said,' Sik mok, takut'. Hish, when in the car his mouth 'bising' kept on saying,' bus! bus!'.

10 minutes later we were on a bus. The driver was friendly and told us he only charged us (Zu and myself) RM3 each for the bus fare, otherwise it was RM3.30 each. Wow, I told him when I last get on a bus to Bintang Mega Mall 8 months ago it was only RM2.40 per person.

I chose to sit on the most front so Alif could see the road in front and could see the bus front door opened each time a passenger got on or got off it. He wanted to sit with 'Popo' (he calls me that) :p . At first he was so tense, I could feel it when I held him in my arms. After 10 minutes talking and telling him to relax he was okay a bit.

After paying RM6, Zu was given 2 tickets. I do not know why it was titled 'Miri Belait'. I presumed it was the Company's name who owned the local buses in Miri. The bus was clean and air conditioned. Very comfortable. Okay, it was worth the money we paid for the journey.

Our Bus Ticket

We sat on the most front seat, so we could see the road.

Road going out of Taman Tunku

Good. I noticed they had put up these important phone numbers ...

Alif, at first all tense up

Arriving Bintang Mega Mall half an hour later, we first had some drinks and some fried noodles at 'Mahyan Restoran' before entering the Mall.

At Mahyan Restoran or Cafe, Alif sitting next to his mom, smiling and looking relaxed dah :)

At 645pm we entered the Bintang Mega Mall and let Alif walked around. He was excited to see people and things around him. He just love walking on the marble or tiled floor of the mall.

He loves trying the swing at the Marrybrown

and watching the other kids playing the balloons in the playroom

Marrybrown at Bintang Mega Mall. It was pretty quiet, which was good and it gave us a chance to try the swing without even eating there :p

We were stuck there at Marrybrown on the ground floor with Alif going in and out watching other kids play until 730pm.

Then we went to POPULAR bookstore to browse some books. Alif loves books and even sat on the floor to look at the toddlers' books.

I bought him these books for his mum to read to him during bedtime and which he wouldn't let go until we reached home.

Btw, we returned home with Aya who were off work at 815pm, by car. I think one bus ride in a day is enough for Alif. We can try again another day. He will get used to it, I am sure :)


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ummufatihah said...
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ummufatihah said...

(Mintak maaf Mak Isah, ada typing error pada komen terdahulu, tak sedap mata memandang sebab silap ejaan kat salam).. :)

Salam Mak Isah:

Nice... :).. Saya pun lama dah tak naik bas awam.. Tapi waktu keje kat KL dulu (years years years ago.. :) tu pengangkutan utama saya.

Anak2 saya pernah sekali naik bas UITM waktu saya buat lawatan sambil belajar kat Sabah few years back... Tu pun yang kakak je yang dah faham.. sampai sekarang excited dengan experience tu..

Nanti2 kalau ada peluang, nak jugak ajak hubby bawak anak2 buat "ekspedisi" naik bas.

Good entry Mak Isah... Thanks..

Puan Isah said...

You're welcome Ummu :) Pasal typing error tu Mak isah tak kisah, tak payah mintak maaf. Mak isah okay je :)

He he mak isah faham perasaan excited yang kakak tu. Mak isah sendiri pun rasa enjoy pegi bus ride kekadang, sebab tu nak expose Alif dgn bus ride ni. Kekadang budak2 zaman sekarang biasa sgt naik kereta tapi tak biasa pulak naik bas :)

A'ah ada peluang bawa lah famili naik bas, seronok jugak bila buat masa lapang tu :)

ummufatihah said...

Salam Mak Isah:

Betul kata Mak Isah.. Budak2 sekarang excited naik bas mengalahkan naik kapalterbang..

Kalau saya dulu, dah tak larat nak naik bas... pagi petang naik bas ulang alik sekolah.. dah lah campur dgn org awam lain.. bukannya ada konsep bas sekolah macam sekarang.. Tapi kalau dapat naik kapalterbang (first flight waktu darjah enam sebab bapak saya dpt free passage ke Smenanjung) macam dunia ini ana yang punya.

Betapa dunia dah jauh sangat berubah, kan.. :)

Puan Isah said...

Sebab budak budak zaman sekarang tak macam kita dulu dulu ummu :)

Zaman mak isah lagi teruk ah, pegi sekolah kena jalan kaki. Itu masa mak isah darjah enam, jalan sama adik lelaki yang hanya setahun younger than mak isah. Waktu tu aman ek takde pun kami berdua kena culik macam zaman sekarang he he...