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Friday, January 29, 2010

225. Pakcik Wan Cafe

I know I have been talking about food and nothing else recently and today I want to tell about this eatery place in Lutong which was introduced by Noormy's bf to me. It is called 'Pakcik Wan Cafe'. Later, I have been to the place a couple of times with just Noormy, Zu, Alif and hubby. We went there to eat 'Mee Kolok' for breakfast.

Lutong is a small town about 7km from Miri, and it takes 15 to 20 minutes to drive there.

The queer thing is, each time we ate there, there were lots of people and Pakcik Wan Cafe is really crowded. Good business. Most of the people are from Lutong area, I guess. I am not so keen on the Mee Kolok here because I'd still prefer the Mee Kolok at the SEDC building in Miri, that's at Aseanika Cafe. Why? because eating Pakcik Wan's Mee Kolok, I still can smell the typical mee smell while eating the mee at Aseanika Cafe, I don't smell it at all. Hmmm... I don't know if you get what I mean or not, ha ha...

Anyway hubby likes Pakcik Wan's Kolok Sapi, so that's why we are often there :)

Mee Kolok Sapi ( with meat and some perut sapi and the dark soup has some herb smell)

Mee Kolok Pakcik Wan with beef plus some wantan in it (RM4.50)

Mee Kolok Pakcik Wan with an egg on it plus some wantan too (RM4.50)

The two mee kolok above will be served with a bowl of soup each.

If you sit in the shop you can't help noticing these clocks. They represent the times of some different countries like London, Tokyo, Lutong, New York etc. There is a no smoking sign too, but I can see some guys smoking while eating.

Also there are lots of shouting of orders between the workers to the kitchen cook, helpers and vice versa going on, and even when I am sitting furthest from the kitchen I could still hear them. Too noisy.

And I don't like too noisy surroundings while eating breakfast.


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