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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

20. About Me, the Old Me

My name is Isah.

I am a SAHM of 4 grownup children, a 'popo' to one grandson, a wife to a wonderful man who is 3 years my senior. We are both retirees but hubby is a workaholic :)

I love staying at home, cooking for my family and doing things I like and organizing my own time. I have 2 blogs, one on my simple everyday cooking and life. And one on simple things that I like to create with my fingers.

Do visit me on both blogs! And leave a little love because I'd love to hear your comments!

Taken on 26/09/2010

I also like to write, that's why I fell in love with blogging. I love reading as well, and one of them is reading my friends' and others' blogs. When I do that I feel like I am learning about other people's life. It certainly is a great joy knowing other bloggers and then become friends. This is one of the reasons I find the internet fascinating.

You can email me at blindperfect@yahoo.com about anything that I write here in this blog or about my beautiful country.

Something about the 'old me' .... :)

I used to work full time in the old days...

Sometimes I think back how it was with my life then and now. There was a lot of difference when I had worked full time, at the same time be a housewife, a mother to 4 children compared to now, as a retiree and staying home.

I've held 2 different jobs in an Oil and Gas Company, first as a Dental Assistant and then later as a Clerk.

In 1975, soon after I got married, I worked as a trained dental Assistant working in an oil gas company in my hometown. I held this first job for 12 years. And then, the company faced a severe downhill of price in oil globally and there were retrenchment amongst the workers in 1987, but I was lucky to be absorbed in the administration section of the company's clinic, as a typist. And to excel in that job I had to go for night typing classes. Much to my surprise I passed with a distinction at Elementary level and a good pass at Intermediate level.

So I was a Clerk after that...

I didn't like administration work, it was dull, boring and tedious and all day I faced not people but papers only. I told myself if I go on doing it I would go mad. So after 2 years there I asked to be transfered to the reception side. There I worked with the medical doctors and met the employees and their families each day. It was good. I know I had to be in touch with people. And where I worked I met with all kinds of people with all kinds of nationalities, the Dutch, the Nigerian, the English as well as Malaysians. It was due to mixing with them everyday that has helped me improved my speaking of English so much. Everyone I see and met at work spoke in English.

For those who would like to improve their speaking in English I can assure you that would be the fastest way to do it, just by speaking the language everyday to those people who are good in the language :)

I left the company in 1997. I worked for another 2 years in another private Medical Centre in my hometown and by 2000 I stopped working totally. I wanted to.

Looking back I've enjoyed so much in that section of my life. I was fully occupied then and always on my feet. Besides working in the gas company I was an aerobic Instructor teaching on my own 25 students after work. And that was alternating the days with improving my typing skill. I was also heavily involved with community work under Unity Department, a government department.

I worked for 22 years in the oil gas company.

Today I am a retiree and a grandmother of one grandson. I am enjoying life. I would not trade this for anything else.

Now I enjoy what I cannot do when I was working full time. Now I have time to go to the cinema, go out as I pleases and stay home if I want to.

Not forgetting, I am in this midst of younger people who likes to blog as much as I do. I said that because so far I find there weren't any Malaysian female blogger who is as old as me (laughing) ...or is there? :p

But really, I enjoyed the internet so much :) and I love blogging!

That's so much about the 'old me' and if you want to know more 'about me' then start reading the rest of the posts here because they are all connected to me :)



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Puan Isah said...

Oh dear I miss this comment Mrs Bee :p Sure will add you to my fb


Nazmin Chempaka said...

best ktk kak oo..masakan bes2 n simple2...:)

Nazmin Chempaka said...

bes ktk kak..masakan pun bes2 n simple..

Isah J said...

W'salam Nazmin, terima kasih sebab suka masakan akak, harap Nazmin dpt ikut cara2 dan cuba lah ya!