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Thursday, March 4, 2010

235. My Homemade Cenchalu

I should say 'How to prepare my homemade cenchalu' ha ha... as it was hubby who is more expertise in making cenchalu than I do. So he makes, I prepare :p
And today I prepare a small portion of cenchalu as a side dish for lunch. BTW, that cenchalu in the pic is 3 days old and is 'ripe' to eat.
LOL... I've always called it cenchalu in my home, I wonder what you called it?
For some of you who have no idea what is this cenchalu all about, it's made of fresh shrimps that comes from the sea.

To make, cut up and sliced some red onions or large onions. Here I add both as I have some leftover onions. I've added some cutted not so green ( but hot ones) cili padi too.

Do not forget to squeeze lots of lime juice into the bowl of onions and cili padi

Lastly add in several tablespoons of cenchalu into the bowl.

Then I add some salt and ajinomoto to taste.

And walaaa... here I have my bowl of prepared ready to eat cencalu. It would be looking pretty here if I'd have red cili padi instead of the not so green ones but the taste matters most he he...

And the TASTE when eaten is tremendous! It's hot, it's sourish and it's delicious and made a great appetizer for my lunch today!


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Temuk said...

Hi Isah
I think that's what we call cincaluk over here. It's very popular among Melaka people. We call the shrimps 'udang geragau'. They are tiny & cheap. So people turn such udang into cincaluk. Have you tried taking cincaluk with fried fish? Salam bahagia.

mira said...

hey there sweet mum, cencalu has always been my favourite. its been a while since i visited n wow! thanks for teaching me mee mamak! hehe.. i never could really fry noodles well, it always turn out soggy - is it too much seasoning? i want those noodles like the one sold in shops.. esp. mee mamak! i havent tried the recipe yet, will post it soon! :)

Puan Isah said...

Salam Temuk
Udang Geragau..now that's a new name for me, thanks for the info. I guess cincaluk & cenchalu sounds the same except for the spelling :)Eat cincaluk with fried fish? not yet? I should try eh, and I will one of these days.
But this year cenchalu in Miri has gone up as far as RM7 per kg, if you are lucky it's only RM4. Several years ago it was only RM1 per kg.
It is not as much as it used to be in the old days, even if we are near the sea and people can just get into the sea to catch them fresh.

Have a good weekend

Puan Isah said...

Hello sweet mira
yes, eating cenchalu with sliced cucumber eh? but I've yet to try eat it with some fried fish he he.. soggy? what exactly do you mean dear, it's too wet? Try add as little water as possible or if no water then add a little more oil if sauting your onions. I have tried twice cooking the mee mamak and now I do not need to order it when I am sitting in a mamak restaurant ha ha...
Let me know if your cooking is as successful!

Have a marvellous weekend ok