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Saturday, March 20, 2010

239. Chicken Feet Anyone?

Many do not know how to eat chicken feet. I do.

It is best boiled and cooked into a soup. That is after chopping off the claws, throwing off the skin over the feet and cleaning them thoroughly of course.

Boil some water in a pot.

Throw in grounded ginger (2" long), grounded small red onion (1 only) and grounded garlic (3 or 4 only) into the boiled water.

Add in the chicken feet and boiled until soft.

Add salt, ajinomoto and pepper to taste.

Eat while the soup is hot.

So much tastier if I dip the chicken feet into this bowl of soy sauce with cut cili padi!


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TK said...

I've added your blog to my bbloglist and I am so happy 2be here again. BTW, Chicken feet soup is a favourite here in Terengganu but I prefer Chicken Feet Kerabu which is a popular Thai dish and also very famous in Kelantan. The photo of the chicken feet looks yummy.

Puan Isah said...

So happy to know you was here TK :)
Chicken Feet Kerabu? Now, that I have not tried yet. Any chance I can read how to cook it in one of your posts in future ha ha :p I love trying new recipes and crazy trying new dishes in town.
Thank you for adding me in your bloglist!
Have a good weekend :)