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Friday, March 12, 2010

237. The Hill

I went to the hill next to Taman Awam to brisk walked.

It has been quite a while I had not gone there. I can see some changes. Miri City Council(MCC) has taken the initiative to plant some tall trees alongside the road where we used to brisk walked.

I can see these trees here, they surely will give shade to us brisk walkers soon.

Chairs has been set up too. Nice.

Some parts of the hill still has long grass on both sides of it. As I brisk walked, I saw these 2 familiar plants. Do you recognize them?

Locally, this leaves are called 'Daun Simpor'. I used to see my auntie make 'Kuih Tapai' in these, I did too until now :) In town 'Tapai' are folded in nipah leaves instead.

I called this flower 'Bunga Engkodok' (purple flower) I do not know it's correct name but when I was small, my auntie used to tell me it is good to rub it's petal and juice on scars on my legs. It helps heal and the scar will go away.

I do not know how far this is true :) but I can foresee that if MCC is going to clear the area one day, all these plants will diminished totally because they grow wild.


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Vie said...

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TK said...

Hi found you from Vie's blog. BTW, I also live near the sea. I've never been to Sarawak..so happy to be here -boleh kenal sarawak.

Puan Isah said...

Hello Vie!
It is v sweet of you for giving & sharing me the beautiful blogger award, thankss so much!
And thank you for the nice comments on my blog he he..I am learning too... I just love blogging. I went to your blog but I have not finished browsing, I bet you'll see more of me in future ha ha..
Have a wonderful hols with family my dear :)

Puan Isah said...

Welcome to Sarawak TK ! :p
So good to have this opportunity to know you and Vie. I went to your blog and I think those pics of Terengganu are awesome! It's one of the places I have not visited yet (hope I will in future
Have a wonderful hols dear

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