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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

241. Missing Words

I was waiting for Aya to come off duty when I took this picture while sitting in the car I was driving. I could hear some nice music when this fountain of water went up and down, that is following the tempo of the music being played.

I parked too near the fountain that some of the water got splashed onto the wind up windows of the car. I didn't get wet and I didn't mind :)

I wasn't the only one enjoying the water fountain and the music, I could see many young people sitting on the cement partition on the other side too. I guessed they were like me, waiting for someone either be it parents, friends or love ones to pick them up from work. Or some of them were just enjoying the view and the surrounding.

After a period of time, the water fountain and the music stopped. My eyes ran over to the entrance of the big building and my heart/semangat went down.

Do you see what I see?

I believe the name of the building is 'Bintang Mega Mall' and has been for the past several months ever since the new wings and the parking lot were built. 'Mega' means big hence why 'Bintang Plaza' (it's original name) was changed to being called 'Bintang Mega Mall'.

Even it's new parking lot is called 'Bintang Mega Mall Parking Lot' and not 'Bintang Plaza Parking Lot'.

It's name 'Bintang Plaza' at this entrance even has a 'P' missing.

I know I've been complaining about the queue and the airconditioning at the post office and now this but common man! Miri is a city now and I am proud of being a Mirian.


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