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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

244. Clean, Clean

This is what I do every morning after breakfast at home. Cleaning my cats' cages and litter bins.

My gloved hand,and in the red basin are litter sands.

Armed with gloved hands, and after letting them out in the kitchen, I spent almost 30 - 40 minutes at the back of the kitchen, cleaning their cages, sweeping the cement floor there and cleaning their litter bins.

I used these scoops to throw their 'pooh pooh' into a plastic bag and add more litter sands into each of their rectangular basins. Afterward I would wash their food and water containers and dry them out in the sun. When dried they are ready to use again when the cats settle back into their cages.

Their cages at the back of my kitchen

While I was cleaning, I will let my 5 cats free to run about in my kitchen for a while.
I'll put a large litter bin for everyone to use in front of my kitchen toilet door.

Nearby I leave some Wiskas & some fresh water ready.

Wiwi my oldest male cat would be the first one to help himself to the Wiskas :)

While Baby another male cat would find himself a good spot to just sit down and relax

Cemi would wait for his turn to eat his Wiskas

These 2 brother & sister, Melo (left) & Mili (right) will not sit down but will play with anything they can find on the floor

After finishing with the clean up I turned to take my laundry from my washing machine and hang the clothes up. And then I will put them all back into their cages with fresh food & water before I turn to my cooking for lunch.

Hah, quite a handful right? Breakfast, Cats, Laundry and then cook for Lunch. By the time I finished with these it would be time for me to go upstair and get some rest for the afternoon.

When I see it is still early to go up I will turn to do some other cleaning, like washing the kitchen sinks or the kitchen toilet. I have stopped taking my weekly maid so these are other extra work which I want to do myself now.

That will be another long list of course :)

I think housework is like your paperwork in the office, they never ends.


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