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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

243. Some Local Fruits

Today I suddenly feel like wanting to eat plenty of fruits. Local fruits.

So by midday, after I took a good shower and dressed up, I used my motorbike (btw, I can ride one) to go to the nearest Pasar Tamu where I stayed, to buy some.

By the time I got home my hands were full of plastic bags of fruits.

I got all these:

I bought 2 types of bananas. This is 'Pisang Keling' my favourite. I do not know what other name it has but that is what I called it :) and I also bought these green local oranges. It has been quite a while I have not eaten it.

This papaya is quite ripe ready to eat but I'll put it in the refrigerator for a night and eat it for breakfast tomorrow. Next to it is another type of banana, found abundance in my hometown called 'Pisang Hotel', that's what I called it as I do not know any other name for it. My grandmother called it 'Pisang Hotel' too.
I'll be glad to know if there is any other names for these 2 bananas :)

The pineapple was not in the pictures. I have already eaten it before I took the pictures ha ha... I couldn't wait :p

BTW, the price for pineapples has gone up at the moment here in my hometown. a small one would cost me RM2 to RM3, whereas before I could buy them for RM1 or RM1.50 each.

Nevertheless, local fruits are still much cheaper than the imported ones like apples and the Sunkist oranges.

And they contain as much vitamins, so eat local fruits!



TK said...

The banana besides the papaya is called Pisang Lemak Manis. It's good to have local fruitskan? It's fresher, cheaper and more nutritious !I would love to see the market in Miri..Mesti bestkan?

Puan Isah said...

Really? I never knew that was it's name, thanks for the info. oh yes, it is good to have local fruits with all the reasons that you stated he he...I live quite far from the Miri market so that day I went to the market near my house. We also have a Pasar Tamu & a part of the residents who sells jungle products etc. So I went there. One of these days I will get some pictures of the market for you to see :)