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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

234. The World 1st Little Massage Chair

Last Sunday I bought the World 1st Little Massage Chair from the OSIM shop at Bintang Mega Mall. This is their newest product. It is also known as the u soffa petit which some of you may have seen shown at TV3 advertisement lately.

It has a retractable leg massage unit which delivers simultaneous full coverage kneading massage to your calves, ankles and feet. What I like about this chair is it also massage your butt as well as your back at the same time ha ha...and I think that is cool!

The chairs are of a variety of nice colours, I chose green my favourite colour and now I have one in my own room! Aaahh...what bliss

Read more about this massage chair here

My son was the first to try it when it reached home lol...


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