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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

329. 2 Simple Recipes

When the weather is so hot and Mak Isah (that's me) berpuasa... I didn't really feel that hungry, compared to being that soooo... thirstyyy!
So all I want for iftar was just plenty, plenty of fluids, fruits, cold deserts and a soothing soupy dish!

So yesterday I decided to try this banana desert that my dear blogger friend Ushrahfatihah ( I called her Ummu) introduced to me.

It was the first time I tried cooking 'Bubur Pisang with Rempah' so that's what I am going to call it. How to cook it I will just copy and paste what Ummu has written for me in her comment in my previous post at 'A Homey Simple Occasion'.

So Ummu dear, if you do not mind, this was what I cooked and called it my 'Bubur Pisang with Rempah'. Thank you for the recipe. On your advice, I put it in the fridge after cooking and ate it cool! :)

Bubur Pisang Rempah (btw, Mak Isah used 'Pisang Pisang' instead of the types of bananas mentioned)

Sliced 'Pisang Pisang'

To Cook :

1. Tanak (heat) air dan gula bersama sedikit cengkih (dried cloves), kulit kayu manis(cinnamon stick) and biji pelaga(cardamon).
2. Bila air menggelegak (boils) put in pisang yang dipotong. Rebus sehingga pisang masak.
3. Sementara itu, pukul (ringan) telur dan gula ( think sedikit sahaja gula and dont know the rationale behind it)
4. Put in the beaten egg dan biarkan sekali menggelegak and its ready to be served.....

Mine would be served cold (after fridge/ with ais batu)

note: our bubur uses pisang kepok/ and sometime pisang tanduk.

Thanks Ummu...for introducing Mak isah this cold desert :)

Okay! As for dinner...I didn't feel like eating rice so I ended up cooking a soupy noodle soup :)

My Simple Noodle Soup

I called it simple because it was simple to prepare.

All I need was...

1/2 kilo yellow noodle
A cup of Minced Beef
RM1 worth Sayur Sawi (sliced)
Bawang Goreng (fried onions) for garnishing
3 garlic (sliced)
1/2" sliced ginger (optional)

Sliced Sayur Sawi

Bawang Goreng (fried onions) I always keep this in stock for garnishing my soups

To cook :

1. Saute sliced garlic and the sliced ginger in a pan. When aromatic, add in the minced beef and stir well until cooked. Keep aside.
2. Boil some water (how much soup you want) in a pot.
3. When boiled add in the garlic, ginger and the beef that was kept aside earlier on.
4. Bring to boil, add salt, ajinomoto and a bit of pepper to taste.

To prepare a bowl of Simple Noodle Soup :

Boil some of the yellow noodles in hot boiling water.
When soft, sieve and place in a bowl.
Add in some of the cut Sayur Sawi over the noodle.
Pour the hot soup over the noodle.
Garnish with some 'Bawang Goreng'.

Serve hot and best eaten with some ketchup containing sliced cili padi!



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Saturday, August 28, 2010

328. One of Those Days

The hot sun torching hot, Puasa time and heavy traffic on the road, this was how it was almost each time I went down to town these days.

Yesterday, 1230 noon, I was right behind this white saloon car on this 2 lane road. In front is a traffic light. Do you see that 'Kenari' car on the left and the black car in front of it trying to cross over to our lane? Frustrating isn't it? Sometimes the cars just shot from behind, with or without signaling and cross over your lane to get to the right side!

This always happens on the roads in Miri. At first there are 3 or 4 lanes and then the road narrows down to 2 lanes. Most of the roads in Miri are like this. I guess nowadays there are a lot of cars in this town so those 'old days' 2 lanes road were mostly re constructed this way.

And during this coming festive season, even with the 2 recently constructed 2 'Flyovers' do not seem to help much. There are traffic jam almost everywhere.

This was already on a 2 lane road waiting for the traffic light to show 'green' in front. On the left was the Bintang Mega Mall building, so those of you who are in Miri should have guess where I was then.

What I was doing in the middle of the day driving? Hish, I was going to 'Piasau' area to go to a Plastic warehouse to buy some clear plastic containers to store my cakes in, then found out they did not have the ones that I wanted. And I had to go back to this town area shop (which was nearer) to be able to get them!

I know, I know... I shouldn't complain so much. I am sure the traffic jam in your town or city is much worse than in mine :p

It's just one of those days...

Do have a nice day everyone!


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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

327. A Homey Simple Occasion

Yesterday hubby brought home these fresh sweet corns from Bekenu (a small town about 50' drive from Miri). So, apa lagi, I immediately go and rebus (boil) them in a pot of water after sprinkled some salt in it. I just love sweet corns!

My sweet corns in water just before boiling

Coincidentally, yesterday was Aya's 30th birthday. During iftar (evening meal when Muslims break our fast during the Ramadhan month) we had quite a feast. Aya came in 15 minutes later after attending a meeting at her work place. And when she came into the kitchen door we sang a birthday song for her LOL...
then asked her to join in the eating!

Spread on the kitchen dining table were KFC Bucket, Fried Beehoon, Syrup Water to follow with chunks of Ice Cubes, Pisang Pisang (the bananas' name :p) and My Sweet Corns!

Plus Coleslaw to take with Bread and Mashed Potato from KFC

The corns were delicious and sweet! And if hubby buys these foodstuffs from Bekenu or Niah area he will get them cheaper than in Miri. He drove to these areas on Mondays and Wednesdays for work.

During iftar, unlike others, we usually eat a lot of fruits rather than eating sweet 'kuih' and drank plenty of fluids. After that, then we eat our dinner.

That was the first time KFC Bucket was brought to the table this Puasa Month and as it was Aya's birthday, why not? :)

Dinner will be always simple like everyday. Yesterday was 'Sup Sayur Sawi' and ' Ikan Temenong Goreng'. Unfortunately, all of us were full after eating the KFC chickens so the soup and the fried fish were left untouched not until 'Sahur' (an Islamic term referring to the meal consumed early in the morning by Muslims before fasting during the month of Ramadhan).


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Sunday, August 22, 2010

326. My Sayur Masin

Have you ever tried making your own 'Sayur Masin'?

I did. And it's easy.

I buy 2 or 3 'ikat' of 'Kai Choy' at the Tamu Muhibbah for RM1 each or if I am lucky I can bargained and get RM2 for 3 'ikat' (bunch). That is cheap, compared to buying a small packet of Salted Mustard for RM1.20 at the Supermarket.

Yes, before you turned it into 'Sayur Masin' (Salted Mustard) you called the 'Sayur' (vegetable), 'Kai Choy'.

'Kai Choy' is the Asian ethnic nickname of mustard cabbage. I called it 'Sayur Pahit'. If you cooked it fresh and as a vegetable you can taste some bitterness in it.

My Salted Mustard or My Sayur Masin.

To make Sayur Masin :

Run the bought Kai Choy under tap water to clean them.

Drip dry.

Take one whole stalk, rummage and twist gently the leaves round so that they became soften. Do the same to the rest of the vegetables.

Hang each stalk on your cloth line (preferably) to dry (not too dry).

Boil some water in a pot.

Add some turmeric powder for color and some salt (according to your taste). Stir the water well.

Let the water be lukewarm before putting in the stalks of Kai Choy or Mustard Cabbage in.

Cover with a lid. Leave for 2 to 3 days.

In between days, check to see whether all the stalks of Mustard Cabbage are under water.

After a couple of days the Salted Mustard will be ready for consumption. Take each stalk out and arrange in a glass plate (like the above picture), cover them and store in your fridge.

To Cook:

Slice the 'Sayur Masin' or Salted Mustard thinly. Wash and drip dry in a sieve.

Saute sliced shallots (3 pieces). sliced garlic (2 pieces) and sliced ginger (1/2 inch) in a pan.

You can add 1 sliced red chili (optional).

When the saute ingredients above are aromatic, add in 2 eggs. Stir well.

Add in the 'Sayur Masin'.

Add ajinomoto to taste and if necessary salt (if your 'Sayur Masin' isn't enough 'masin' for you :p

Serve hot with rice and with your main dish.

My Cooked Sayur Masin

Selamat Berpuasa and have a Great Sunday everyone!


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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

325. My Bubur Pedas

Do you like 'Bubur Pedas'?

My family loves it. For the past couple of days Aya had been asking me to make her, 'Bubur Pedas'. It is tradition that we cooked this dish each fasting month (Ramadhan).

And I did. Yesterday.

But first I had to buy the 'Bubur Pedas' core ingredients or 'Sambal'. These are sold in packets in the 'Tamu Muhibbah' . And in Miri I would only find these sold in the old 'Tamu Muhibbah' which is situated next to the old Center Point. The new 'Tamu Muhibbah' is next to the MMC (Miri Municipal Council). You do find it there but not much, and when I buy it, I'd like first to smell the packet.

Why? because I will buy the ones with the most smell of 'Rempah' in them.

These 'sambal' of 'Bubur Pedas' usually consist of grounded rice, 'Jintan Manis' (Aniseed), 'Jintan Putih' (Cumin Powder) and many more other 'Rempah' (which I do not know very well). I wish I'd learned how to make my own 'Sambal Bubur Pedas' from my late aunty.

I hear that Sarawak aims to go places with its 'Sambal Bubur Pedas' or sometimes called 'Bubur Lambuk Pedas' following the success of its 'Kek Lapis' in the international market.

Anyway, the 'Sambal Bubur Pedas' that I bought looks like these. They are sold in packets of RM5 and RM2. I used 2 of these.

To cook, it is not as difficult as it seems, just blend 7 small shallots, 5 garlic and 3 tablespoons already blended dried chillies in an electric blender.

Saute all the blended ingredients in a pot.

Add in the 2 packets of the 'Sambal Bubur Pedas'.

As you stir, add in some water. It is important to let the 'Sambal Bubur Pedas' be well cooked and let the rice ingredients in it be well cooked too as this will thickens the 'bubur' or soup. In other words, as you add the other ingredients into it you will have to keep stirring with a ladle and keep adding water. This way you will avoid the bottom of the pot from overheating and get burnt.

There are many things that other cooks put in their 'Bubur Pedas' but I put these items in. All items were bought from the same old 'Tamu Muhibbah'.

And all items MUST be slices into small pieces.
Add all items one by one according to how long each take to cook. Don't forget to add water as you add an item.

Kulit Kaki Sapi (Skin of a cow's feet). I bought this already cleaned and boiled for RM2.

Young Corn RM2

3 pieces of Potatoes or half kilo for RM1.75

Wet Black Mushroom RM1

Long Bean RM1

1 Packet Minced Beef ( Only this I bought from Hj Mos Cold Storage) RM6.50

All the above added and done, next is optional, you can add some coconut milk. I added a packet of 'Cocolin' powdered coconut milk to my 'Bubur Pedas'.

Powdered Coconut Milk

As you keep stirring and adding water by now all the ingredients are well cooked.

Next most important item in a pot of 'Bubur Pedas' is adding thinly sliced 'Turmeric Leaves' in. This will gives the aroma of a good 'Bubur Pedas'.

Turmeric Leaves RM2

Finally, add salt and ajinomoto to taste.

This 'Bubur Pedas' contains all the healthy ingredients in it, like carbohydrate (potatoes) and the vegetables.

You can eat this on its own or with rice.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

324. A Rack Makeover

When come Hari Raya everybody seems busy making biscuits and cakes but I don't. Since I have Aya to bake the cakes and Noormy to make sure there are some biscuits on that day, I am busy sprucing up a little bit of my kitchen area.

I have this rack (picture above) on the wall that my son-in-law made for me. Isn't it cute? I had intended to use it for putting up all my kitchen ingredients like salt, ajinomoto, oil, tamarind paste and tamarind dried fruits and pepper containers in. To buy a kitchen rack would cost a lot of money and this way it will be more convenient for me as I have not much kitchen space.

But the edges of the rack were a little rough (maklum lah buatan sendiri :) so I need a sandpaper to smooth them down.

Rough Edges


After sandpapering the inside, edges and outside area, what I did next was, just stained varnish the surfaces. I bought this small tin of KIMTONE stained varnish to paint it with.

Kimtone Stained Varnish for RM12.00 Only

And of course a stained varnish white brush. I got this cheap for only RM1.00.

I think I spent 2 hours to do all these, then wait for almost 3 hours for the varnish to really harden up before I could put up all my kitchen ingredients.

There! Now I can put up all the ingredients' containers in it.

That was all done yesterday.

Today what I need to do is re paint the outside area another coat of the stained varnish, so that the color will look darker and nicer.

Meanwhile waiting for my rack varnish to harden up, I couldn't waste my time so I also re varnish an old plate rack I have.

Look! Now I can also use up this plate rack dry my extra plates for the 'Hari Raya' day he he...

My old plate rack which I think is already 3 years old!

Oh, btw, I'd like to wish all my dear Muslim friends bloggers and all 'Muslim Bloggers' around the world a happy 'Selamat Berpuasa' during this 'Ramadhan' month.

'Berhati-hati di Jalan Raya'!


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Sunday, August 8, 2010

323. 2 Main Dishes

Maaf ye...mak isah baru 'over' dari flu dan cough bugs, dah almost one week dah tak de jengok blog kesayangan (chewahh :) mak isah ni....rindu sangat kat kekawan semua!

Thank you for all your kind words and advice on me not feeling too good for the last almost one week. And so sorry I missed my blog walking on to all my dearest blog friends' blogs!

I am back of course! :p

Yesterday I was too 'rajin' and cooked 2 main dishes. I almost felt like celebrating my 'overcomed' flu and cough bugs. You see, once I got this cough bug it would take me one or two weeks to get really over it. This time I was lucky I got away with it for only a week.

I cooked 'Sup Tulang' and again my ' Asam Pedas Ikan with Pineapple'.

Sup Tulang


1 kilo ribs bone
1 packet 'Tanghoon' (soaked in water)
3 pieces potatoes (peeled and cubed)
1 bowl of cut red meat
4 garlic
2 inch ginger
Some white pepper
Salt and ajinomoto to taste
Some sliced 'Daun Sup'.


Boil the ribs bones (after washing clean) in a pot of water (amount of water enough to boil and for one family meal).

Boil long enough to soften the meat on the ribs bones.

Add in the bowl of red meat (optional).

Ground the garlic and ginger and add to the soup.

When meat are tender, add in the cubed potatoes and the 'tanghoon'.

Add salt and ajinomoto as well as pepper( I like to add a lot of pepper) to taste.

When potatoes are cooked, the soup is ready to be served hot with rice or on its own.

And when you serve the soup, sprinkle some sliced 'daun sup' over it.


Asam Pedas Ikan with Pineapple

I said 'Asam Pedas Ikan with Pineapple', and I just said 'ikan', it's because this time I do not know the names of the small small fishes that hubby brought home the evening before. They have lots of scales (which took me almost half an hour to clean them). In the end some of the leftovers were fried.

First, to cook the 'Asam Pedas'.
It was the same way that I cooked it with 'Ikan Pari' (Stingray) here.

Nowadays, if I add pineapple slices to my 'Asam Pedas' I will omit adding 'Asam Gelugor' (tamarind fruit slices).
So the 'asam' taste will only comes from the pineapple slices which taste much much nicer.

Try it!


Ground 1 or 2 fresh red chillies,
15 cili padi (small hot chillies),
1 flat tablespoon belacan (shrimp paste),
5 shallots,
4 garlic,
2 inch ginger.

Crush 1 stalk lemon grass

Add a flat teaspoonful of turmeric powder

Saute all the above ingredients in a pot

Add some water (not too much and according to how much soup I want).

When boiled I add in some slices pineapple (Now that I do not use 'asam gelugor' I will use and sliced 1 whole moderately small pineapple)

Let it boil for some time so that the pineapple juice seeped out.

Add in the cut fish.

Add salt and ajinomoto .

Taste and then serve hot.

My son in law came back from offshore and my own son came home to sleep for the weekend, so everybody were in yesterday evening.
When I woke up this morning, I felt pleased to see both of the food I cooked all gone in the pots!

The leftover fishes were fried!

Tips : Use pineapple slices instead of 'Asam Gelugor' or even 'Tamarind Juice'.
Adding potatoes and 'Tanghoon' to beef or bone soups will give the soup a sweeter taste.


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Monday, August 2, 2010

322. One At A Time

Today I was not feeling very good. Not well physically :(

This flu bug been bugging me since yesterday evening. Though I took off from selling Cendol today I still have to send Zu to the Bank, shopped for the cats' litter sands and Wiskas, went to the Post Office and then to the 'Tailor' to make my 'Hari Raya' clothes.

Talking about 'Hari Raya' it is just a month away right? Aahh...so many things to do and prepare but I am trying to keep calm.... LOL.. must not overspend too!

But then 'Puasa' is just around the corner! So to All my friends who are celebrating 'Hari Raya' just take it one at a time ok?

And I did. Today, being unwell was my signal that I've been pushing myself a little too much. So earlier this evening on my way down to fetch (with Zu and Alif tagging along) Aya from work, Zu and I took 20 minutes to stop by (while waiting for Aya) to take something hot to sooth our throats at 'Mahyan Cafe'. Alif was already asleep in the car. It was also raining. The weather had been on and off with sunshine in the daytime and rain in the evenings lately.

I parked at the roadside nearest to the cafe and we sat at a table just next to the car so we can also watched Alif while eating. I jokingly told Zu that tonight she had finally a little peace eating while Alif was asleep he he...

Anyway, these were what we had there...

A glass of very hot hot 'Teh'. Not so hot now as I've drank mine half!

Both of us had a bowl of HOT 'Bee Hoon Soup' (err...sorry about the spoon & fork - as soon as I remembered to take a picture, I just let go and took a snap he he..)

This hot cili padi mixed with ketchup made it hotter!

Though it was nice enjoying the hot tea and the hot soup going in through our throats, our eyes were always on Alif sleeping in the car. We could see him ( you can see the car in the pic)

It was a brief 'chilling out' for both of us and I forgot I had flu and running nose. On reaching home I took a tablet of Piriton for my flu and continued drinking fluids.