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Friday, April 17, 2009

44. How I Feel

I feel tired today due to this flu and cough which is gradually getting worse and dry. I slept for an hour from 8 - 9pm this evening. Then I got up and went down stair to check on Wiwi, cleaned his litter bin, changed fresh drinking water and add some more 'Wiskas' for him. He wanted to come out and play but the past 2 days I wouldn't let him out as he was out sleeping in my kitchen since 8am until 4pm. So only fair he should stay inside his cage later in the evenings until next day.

I had a glass of hot milo just now. I feel good feeling the hot liquid runs down my throat. I took 2 more tablets of Paracetamol. Hopefully my cough is less if not better by tomorrow, because tomorrow is Saturday! And Saturday is when I want to enjoy going out. At my golden age I enjoy a walk in the supermarkets, a drink in any of the eateries in town, or just a drive to the beaches. And especially tomorrow I'd like a hair trim at my usual saloon and afterwards maybe a foot reflexology massage.

With these plans in my mind I now must have some hours in sleep to give my body the rest it needs.

Pray my cough is better tomorrow.


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