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Monday, March 14, 2011

387. Chicken Wings with Salted Mustard

Yesterday almost whole day I went out with Zu (my eldest daughter) and grandson Alif.

This morning when I woke up I felt lazy even though I woke up early and have had a good night sleep. I took my time breakfast alone in my kitchen listening songs at my hp media player ( of course Mak isah and her oldies! ). Hubby 'puasa' today that's why I was alone :)

Feeling lazy means I was feeling lazy to cook. So I cooked the simplest, one soupy dish (hubby and my son need to eat one soup whenever taking rice) and 'Sardine'... :p

My Soupy Dish - Chicken Wing Soup with Sliced Salted Mustard

To Prepare :-

1. Cut the chicken wings into medium sized cubes, washed and let to dry in a sieve.

2. Slice half a packet of Salted Mustard into small pieces. Washed lightly.

To Cook :-

1. Saute one small shallot, one garlic and 1 and a half inch ginger (all grounded) in a pot.

2. Add a cup of water.

3. Let boiled for 2 minutes.

4. Add in the chicken wings cubes and the sliced salted mustard.

5. Add water same or a little bit more than the chicken cubes.

6. Let cooked.

7. Add salt and ajinomoto to taste.

My Sardines

I think YEO's Sardines taste nicer than other brands. This one is Yeo's brand. Hubby said to cook it with out adding any tomato sauce.

So all I did was saute half sliced big onion and sliced half an inch of ginger. Then just pour the 2 small tinned sardines in. When boiled, add a pinch of salt and some ajinomoto.

We ate these 2 dishes with hot rice and some HOMEMADE Cencaluk!


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IYSON said...

sardin tu mengancam giler lah kak... i pun suka jugak makan sardin..tp x pernah pulak try jenama Yeos, mcm x pernah jumpe kat supermarket kat sini..biasanye beli Ayam brand aje..

Small Kucing said...

The soup sound like chinese salted vege soup. normally add taufu, tomato and also carrot

Sardine- onion + lime juice. yum yum...no need ajinomoto also taste great :D

Big Momma said...

goreng tempoyak campur sardin and letak hirisan cili padi.... maveles!!!

Puan Isah said...

Ha ha best makan sardin kalo ari ujan atau bila malas2 kan?

Baked beans brand Yeo's pun sedap!

Puan Isah said...

Small Kuching - yep almost like chinese salted vege soup except I don't have those ingredients that you mentioned :)
Hubby likes chinese soups like this.

Duhh..you pun makan sardin dengan lime juice? Like me, I break cili padi on my plate lagi... :p

Puan Isah said...

Big Momma - Goreng tempoyak? he he..sama la taste kita :)

Nur68 said...

Salam pagi Mak Isah, the mention of fresh cencaluk awal pagi tok dah nyuruh kamek lapar terus eh..w/pun dah breakfast dgn nasik goreng..tp nasik goreng makan dgn cencaluk + cabik padi + bawang besar is heaven indeed to me. Couldn't ask for more..hehehe

Puan Isah said...

Eh Nur, sik jauh beza selera ta duak o...Mak isah baruk lepas bfas nasi goreng dengan sayur cabage page tek...bila mukak esbox carik cencaluk petang marik dah habis! kenak polah lagi he he...
so lunch baruk molah la...taruh bawang hiris, cili padi, limau...duhhh..selera makan!

Like what you said,' heaven..! '

Nur68 said...

PI, selera kamek tok nang suka makan nok macam ya, tp sik pat diamal gilak ya....bak kata mak kamek, nak nyaman ya lah mudah nak nyuruh sakit..LOL

Puan Isah said...

Nur - ha ha ha...menar menar kata mak kitak ya..mak isah setuju!

Hmmm...tapi tunggu abis musim bubok la baruk mak isah sik makan cencaluk gik LOL..

Nur68 said...

Mak Isah, menar ya, kamek selagik ada cencaluk dpn mata selagi ya malar makan....lom abis lom berenti..heehehe

Puan Isah said...

He he...Nur tok...molah mak isah tetak jak..

Laa..dah kenyang kena berenti la makan he he...