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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

389. No Place Like Where I Live

Every time I came back from KK (it's where I often go to) I learned to appreciate the place where I lived. That's Taman Tunku in Miri.

That is how the saying that says,'There's no place like home'. For me, it is more like,'There's no place like where I live'. :)

The pictures below show some area where people of Taman Tunku go shopping to. I remember when we first lived in Taman Tunku 20 years ago, there were only a few shops opened at these shoplot houses. Most of the shops were either empty or aren't sold yet. So at those time even though we come here to shop for things, we still have to go downtown to Miri to shop as some of the things we needed were not available here.

Today it's different, there is a vast change going on, we can get what we want here and there are plenty of shops opened beside just groceries. There are now telephone shops, CD shops, bakery, a One Stop Center shop, coffee shops and eateries and even Pet shops. At the same time more buildings for shops are being built or just finished being built. I foresee there are going to be more and more shops being opened in the near future.

The reason we who are in Taman Tunku buy things in Miri town nowadays is because we bring our families for car rides during the weekends or eating at KFC, or at Mc Donalds or going to the big supermarkets.

I took these pictures at about 9am on my way to buy some groceries (on my motorbike LOL..)

These 2 shop lots buildings are newly built. On the left are already occupied with shops, the right one was just built and open for sale.

Going clockwise... towards the right is this old shoplot building, remember I talked about the Capital Market in my older post before?

It's in this building (there's it's signboard). You can also see big cranes in the air and that means some more shop buildings are being built there.

This one was in the middle of being built. And it is behind the 2 buildings of that 1st picture above. Hopefully it is going to be a wet market and a fish market.

This one was previously the 'Tamu' where I always went to buy my vegetables. I talked about this 'Pasar Tamu' in my entry Here.

Now the MCC (Miri City Council) have good news for the local traders here. They are renovating the 'Pasar Tamu' and move them back to this new place later as well as giving them license to trade at this 'Pasar Tamu'. That will enable the traders to have a stable income and not worry they are chased away some day.

Meanwhile while waiting for their new place the traders of the 'Pasar Tamu' have to squat under their umbrellas at the sides of the road.

Speaking about eateries in this area earlier on, I read a friend blogger's entry (Sarawakiana@2) several hours ago, and she was talking about one Cafe opened here in Taman Tunku!

You can read her blog Here.


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Small Kucing said...

new developement sprouting up everywhere

Puan Isah said...

Small Kuching - yes everywhere...
What made me write up about this area where I live was because for the first 10 - 15 years there was such a slow development going on. And then for these last couple of years there were buildings suddenly going up.
This certainly has made me appreciate the place more :)

[tErOmPaH bIrU] said...

Duhal nya Mak Isah diam di Taman Tunku :)
sungguh pun kita tok sama diam di Miri.. tapi kmk tok nang jarang sekali jak sampei ke area Taman Tunku nun.. sik da siapa nak diagak yang sebenarnya pun hehe.. since last 2 years tok jak bok pandei beraya ke sia coz da kawan diam sia :D

Puan Isah said...

Biru - Auk sayang, mak isah diam diTaman Tunku (aka TT) LOL..

Tok mesti waktu raya jak datang ke TT kan :)