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Thursday, March 26, 2009

30. Briskwalk

16/3 Mon 24'08.69 (1lap) B/walk
18/3 Wed 44'54.89 (2laps) B/walk
20/3 Fri 46'22.58(2laps) B/walk
21/3 Sat 45'53.82(2laps) B/walk

23/3 Mon 45'00.00(2laps) B/walk
25/3 Wed 1hr 09.54.14(3laps) B/walk

I started doing briskwalking again, but this time diligently, meaning I am into it 3 times a week plus either Saturday or Sunday if I am not too tired.

This is where I briskwalk, this is an old hill which has been cut lower down by the government and as you can see it is not so steep as it used to be in the olden days, still if one is not so fit even briskwalking up and down it can be quite tiring.

As you read up there, when I started that first day of the week I could only managed to briskwalk 1 lap lol... Now to me 1 lap is going up that hill then down and up again on the other side and coming down again on the same spot where I started. And mind you, 1 lap is equal to 1000km.

This place is popular among the joggers and briskwalkers in my hometown, There are many others but this is the only hilly ground you can find. Others are all flat and to me going uphill and downhill works more on your heart thus improving one's stamina and one's heart.

I used to come here regularly in the old days and since last week I've decided to keep it that way. Missing doing my briskwalks has made me gain some weight and I feel a little clumsy in my attire. I feel tired most of the time and starting to have backache.

It made me frightened, so that made me continue with the briskwalks again. I have tried doing video exercises and tai chi at home but it wasn't enough for me. I still need to do these hilly briskwalks. Hence, that made me start last week. Iam hoping to lose 10 kg loll...


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