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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

24. What a Waste

Yesterday my Nokia 5610 Xpress Music suddenly turned haywire. It's screen was visible on and off and then okay and upside down. I could hardly send messages. It was infruriating!

My Nokia 5610 Xpress Music

Does anyone who has the same hp as mine had this sort of thing happening to you too? I am beginning to think I am the unlucky one.

So now I am using a borrowed second hand Nokia hp while my hp is being sent to KL for repair since it is still under guarantee. What a waste! I never like my hp and a new one to be acting like that!

As this borrowed hp only can let me send and received messages I had to do something about listening to music. After sending my hp I bought a Sony digital walkman. So now I can listen to my 'oldies' with ease, thank goodness for that!

My black colored Sony Walkman


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