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Sunday, March 8, 2009

23. A Morning Out

This morning I didn't go for my briskwalk as scheduled. It rained. Since I woke up early so my day started early. I had my breakfast by 8am. So I told Aya ( my 3rd daughter) that I will send her to work so I can use the car later.

I showered at 845am. And I was driving down to Bintang Plaza with Aya by 910am. After dropping her in front of the Plaza I was alone and started to think what I would do with myself for a couple of hours before returning home.

I filled up some petrol in the car at the Petronas Station. Then drove to the Standard Chartered Bank to deposit some cash into my account. Then I drove to the Imperial Mall as I wanted to buy some tomato and chilli sauces from the Supermarket there. After buying some other groceries I brought 2 full of plastic bags of them back into the car so I can return to the Mall in search of a pair of high heeled slippers. In the meantime I was wearing a flat pair of Adidas slippers. I thought if I can get a 1" high heeled slippers I would look taller. Lately my right heel feels uncomfortable walking in my flat adidas slippers after a couple of hours.

So I bought a pair of high heeled slippers. And red too!
I saw it at the 'U2' shoe shop at the Mall and half price as well, lol...
After 50% off this pair of slippers costs RM24.45.


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