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Sunday, March 29, 2009

31. Briskwalk & Citarasa

  1. 27/3 Fri Time 45'23.84 (2laps) B/walk
  2. 28/3 Sat 1hr 09.53.25 (3laps) B/walk

Yep, those 2 were my briskwalk time that I took, not much difference from last week though...but I wonder what is my weight now hmm... I'll wait until next week to find out on the weighing scale.

On another note, after my briskwalk that Saturday I was off to the Boulevard Complex carpark to see the 'Citarasa Malaysia 2009' held in my hometown. 'Citarasa Malaysia' means International Food Festival where many sorts of types of food shown and sold by the people of Miri and also from people of some other various Malaysian states.

There was a huge crowd of people there and some like me were just arriving to see what food are in store to be enjoyed and eaten.

As usual I wanted to take some pictures, my only problem is my hp is still under repair so I have to use my camera. That will take a couple of days to develop the pics at the shop then only I can upload them to my notebook to publish them here. So I'll just have to wait then post them here next time.

I went to the festival alone, taking my time walking amongst the crowd with my walkman earphones stuck to my ears, my camera hanging over my head and my slingbag over my shoulders. I did feel a little bit like a reporter ha ha ha.

Today Sunday, ahhh...sheer bliss, all I did was just stay home, eat and sleep :p

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