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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

32. A Bridge

Today I went to the dentist. I had a 2 hour appointment for the preparation of a dental bridge. My dental bridge to be is on my lower jaw and it will look like this, almost, because mine is on the right and the bridge on this picture in the left side.

Have a look

I hate going to the dentist but I really want to make this bridge. One because I'd like to chew better and two I'd like to laugh without being too much conscious that I have a gap somewhere in the mouth he he... And for these 2 reasons I thought I better make a go at it. I know the worse part of the procedure is the preparation of the 2 teeth next to the gap and that was the cutting of each of the tooth to a much smaller size so the dentist can fit into each of them the crowns. But I did went through the procedure! After that it is easy, I'll just have to wait several weeks before the actual new bridge to be fitted it. No more drilling! I was so proud of myself after I walked out of the dentist room ha ha ha...


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