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Saturday, March 14, 2009

27. Akademi Fantasia 7

Tonight is the opening night for 'Akademi Fantasia 7'. This is the 7th season for the first reality show in Malaysia.

There are 14 students chosen for this season and I am glad to know there are few from Sarawak.

I think I am going to follow this season faithfully. What makes it more interesting is because I've just find out that the Akademi's principal for this season is a female, someone I quite admire and that is Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina Abdullah. Apart from gorgeous, she is a smart woman.

Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina Abdullah

You can read more about this Malaysian top reality show at this link,



Erod said...
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Puan Isah said...

Erod, thanks for the visit but first and foremost I want to apologise about your comment which was accidently deleted. It wasn't meant to be. What happened was I read your comment in my email earlier, and when I came here I have it remarked being removed.

I share your feelings about what happened to Aril last Saturday. I was very disappointed myself. I stayed up to see the previous concerts & diaries just to watch him & Hafiz performed. Without him it is a great loss. I do hope to see more of him outside the Akademi though.

Again, thanks for the visit, do have a nice day.