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Friday, March 6, 2009

21. Economic Downhill

I read in the Borneo Post an article which says 'Cost of living in Miri is higher than elsewhere'.
That is what visitors and tourists as well as locals claimed, saying the prices of goods and services here are more expensive than those in other towns in the state such as Sibu and Kuching.

But I think it's not only in Miri, even in any towns in the state cost of living is getting higher if not higher. Everybody knows or at least thinks that Malaysian economy is facing a downhill turn especially this year 2009. Due to that almost anything is expensive.

I agree to that. But still people here spends, including myself :)

I once bought a Nokia N73 for RM1,560. I think because I am using it everyday I should buy a good one and which can stored a lot of songs in it at the same time! (as I am crazy for music). Nowadays one can get the same phone for RM1,000 or even less.

I read somewhere this person was willing to pay for RM1,000 for a pair of Oakley sunglasses. They are special and they are 'bluetooth' sunglasses. One can talk on the phone and can listen to songs just by wearing them.

But owning an N73 hp and a 'bluetooth' sunglasses will make one looks cool. No, I am not rich and neither is the other person :). Or did you think the economic downturn has not reached me yet or did you think I am crazy to think the economic downturn has not hit me yet? Or maybe this so called talked about the economic downturn isn't so bad at all?

One thing is sure though, that is when the economic is so bad, most people has less money to spend and is unlikely to spend unnecessarily. That include me too, for sure!


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