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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

32. A Bridge

Today I went to the dentist. I had a 2 hour appointment for the preparation of a dental bridge. My dental bridge to be is on my lower jaw and it will look like this, almost, because mine is on the right and the bridge on this picture in the left side.

Have a look

I hate going to the dentist but I really want to make this bridge. One because I'd like to chew better and two I'd like to laugh without being too much conscious that I have a gap somewhere in the mouth he he... And for these 2 reasons I thought I better make a go at it. I know the worse part of the procedure is the preparation of the 2 teeth next to the gap and that was the cutting of each of the tooth to a much smaller size so the dentist can fit into each of them the crowns. But I did went through the procedure! After that it is easy, I'll just have to wait several weeks before the actual new bridge to be fitted it. No more drilling! I was so proud of myself after I walked out of the dentist room ha ha ha...


Sunday, March 29, 2009

31. Briskwalk & Citarasa

  1. 27/3 Fri Time 45'23.84 (2laps) B/walk
  2. 28/3 Sat 1hr 09.53.25 (3laps) B/walk

Yep, those 2 were my briskwalk time that I took, not much difference from last week though...but I wonder what is my weight now hmm... I'll wait until next week to find out on the weighing scale.

On another note, after my briskwalk that Saturday I was off to the Boulevard Complex carpark to see the 'Citarasa Malaysia 2009' held in my hometown. 'Citarasa Malaysia' means International Food Festival where many sorts of types of food shown and sold by the people of Miri and also from people of some other various Malaysian states.

There was a huge crowd of people there and some like me were just arriving to see what food are in store to be enjoyed and eaten.

As usual I wanted to take some pictures, my only problem is my hp is still under repair so I have to use my camera. That will take a couple of days to develop the pics at the shop then only I can upload them to my notebook to publish them here. So I'll just have to wait then post them here next time.

I went to the festival alone, taking my time walking amongst the crowd with my walkman earphones stuck to my ears, my camera hanging over my head and my slingbag over my shoulders. I did feel a little bit like a reporter ha ha ha.

Today Sunday, ahhh...sheer bliss, all I did was just stay home, eat and sleep :p

Till then,


Thursday, March 26, 2009

30. Briskwalk

16/3 Mon 24'08.69 (1lap) B/walk
18/3 Wed 44'54.89 (2laps) B/walk
20/3 Fri 46'22.58(2laps) B/walk
21/3 Sat 45'53.82(2laps) B/walk

23/3 Mon 45'00.00(2laps) B/walk
25/3 Wed 1hr 09.54.14(3laps) B/walk

I started doing briskwalking again, but this time diligently, meaning I am into it 3 times a week plus either Saturday or Sunday if I am not too tired.

This is where I briskwalk, this is an old hill which has been cut lower down by the government and as you can see it is not so steep as it used to be in the olden days, still if one is not so fit even briskwalking up and down it can be quite tiring.

As you read up there, when I started that first day of the week I could only managed to briskwalk 1 lap lol... Now to me 1 lap is going up that hill then down and up again on the other side and coming down again on the same spot where I started. And mind you, 1 lap is equal to 1000km.

This place is popular among the joggers and briskwalkers in my hometown, There are many others but this is the only hilly ground you can find. Others are all flat and to me going uphill and downhill works more on your heart thus improving one's stamina and one's heart.

I used to come here regularly in the old days and since last week I've decided to keep it that way. Missing doing my briskwalks has made me gain some weight and I feel a little clumsy in my attire. I feel tired most of the time and starting to have backache.

It made me frightened, so that made me continue with the briskwalks again. I have tried doing video exercises and tai chi at home but it wasn't enough for me. I still need to do these hilly briskwalks. Hence, that made me start last week. Iam hoping to lose 10 kg loll...


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

29. Senda Shabu Shabu Sdn. Bhd.

I went to eat Steamboat at a restaurant called 'Senda Shabu Shabu' yesterday evening. This restaurant serves only steamboats and of lots of different varieties. It was the first time I went there. Aya and Nono (my daughters) came along too.

The restaurant at one of the shoplots along Jalan Bulan Sabit, very near to the 'Courts Mammoth'. It has a groundfloor and a first floor. We ate on the first floor. I like the settings of the tables. When I sit I have my own pot of soup in front of me and a switch below it for me to on or off and to make the fire low or higher. And the workers there are friendly too.

I ate these seafood steamboat, which contains 1 crab, a couple of tiger prawns, salmon, squids, seaweeds and sushi.

Tiger prawns..

& with it come a plate of these vegetables

I think the sauce to dip all the items in the steamboat with is the most important thing because if the sauce does not taste good then one will not have a good steamboat at all!

The sauce

Each of us were given a complimentary desert of a bowl of this 'cincau'


p/s. Sorry about the not so clear pics, I am using someone else's hp to take the pics.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

28. DragonBall Evolution

I went to see 'Dragonball' at the cinema today.

Justin Chatwin stars as Goku who goes on a journey to find Master Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat) and gather the 7 mystical Dragon Balls before the evil Lord Piccolo (James Marsters) can.

Along his way, he meets Bulma (Emmy Rossum) who then joins him to help him in his mission. When arriving at Roshi's place, he is not welcomed with an embrace but has to fight Roshi. Roshi soon learns that Goku is the grandson of Gohan (Randall Duk Kim) and thus trains him to prepare him for the ultimate battle with Lord Piccolo to prevent him from collecting the powerful Dragon Balls.

Justin Chatwin


Saturday, March 14, 2009

27. Akademi Fantasia 7

Tonight is the opening night for 'Akademi Fantasia 7'. This is the 7th season for the first reality show in Malaysia.

There are 14 students chosen for this season and I am glad to know there are few from Sarawak.

I think I am going to follow this season faithfully. What makes it more interesting is because I've just find out that the Akademi's principal for this season is a female, someone I quite admire and that is Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina Abdullah. Apart from gorgeous, she is a smart woman.

Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina Abdullah

You can read more about this Malaysian top reality show at this link,


Friday, March 13, 2009

26. It's Hard

It's hard when we've hurt the feelings of a good friend. Especially me, who is known for my directness when speaking. But I did apologise afterwards. Perhaps the best thing I can do now is just keep quiet for a while.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

25. Snores

I can't sleep when the next person snores in the night. So what I do is plug my ears with my Sony MP3 earphones and hears some soothing music until I fall asleep. Or I can just on the tv see some of my favourite channels until I fall asleep.

I sometimes wonder how can a person falls easily to sleep, snores and seem oblivious to the world?

I think he or she can have a long life.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

24. What a Waste

Yesterday my Nokia 5610 Xpress Music suddenly turned haywire. It's screen was visible on and off and then okay and upside down. I could hardly send messages. It was infruriating!

My Nokia 5610 Xpress Music

Does anyone who has the same hp as mine had this sort of thing happening to you too? I am beginning to think I am the unlucky one.

So now I am using a borrowed second hand Nokia hp while my hp is being sent to KL for repair since it is still under guarantee. What a waste! I never like my hp and a new one to be acting like that!

As this borrowed hp only can let me send and received messages I had to do something about listening to music. After sending my hp I bought a Sony digital walkman. So now I can listen to my 'oldies' with ease, thank goodness for that!

My black colored Sony Walkman


Sunday, March 8, 2009

23. A Morning Out

This morning I didn't go for my briskwalk as scheduled. It rained. Since I woke up early so my day started early. I had my breakfast by 8am. So I told Aya ( my 3rd daughter) that I will send her to work so I can use the car later.

I showered at 845am. And I was driving down to Bintang Plaza with Aya by 910am. After dropping her in front of the Plaza I was alone and started to think what I would do with myself for a couple of hours before returning home.

I filled up some petrol in the car at the Petronas Station. Then drove to the Standard Chartered Bank to deposit some cash into my account. Then I drove to the Imperial Mall as I wanted to buy some tomato and chilli sauces from the Supermarket there. After buying some other groceries I brought 2 full of plastic bags of them back into the car so I can return to the Mall in search of a pair of high heeled slippers. In the meantime I was wearing a flat pair of Adidas slippers. I thought if I can get a 1" high heeled slippers I would look taller. Lately my right heel feels uncomfortable walking in my flat adidas slippers after a couple of hours.

So I bought a pair of high heeled slippers. And red too!
I saw it at the 'U2' shoe shop at the Mall and half price as well, lol...
After 50% off this pair of slippers costs RM24.45.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

22. Ouch

Ouch! I fell down in the kitchen toilet today. I was cleaning the cement floor outside where some cats had done their 'business' there. So I stupidly had sprinkle some detergent on the floor and then went inside the toilet to get a bucket of water to wash off the dirty water after brushing the floor with a scrubbing broom.

Some how the slipper I was wearing got some detergent and so I missed my step and felled on the toilet floor.
It wasn't really painful immediately but I do feel the pain afterwards, about several hours later.

After finished cleaning the floor outside I took a good long hot shower and went off to sleep for a couple of hours. That was after taking 2 tablets of Paracetamol.

I have started to feel painful on my buttocks, my right hand where I had some bruises and both my legs feel very tired.

Right now I still have some pain but my legs are more painful. I hope it got lesser tomorrow. Pray for me.

Till then,


Friday, March 6, 2009

21. Economic Downhill

I read in the Borneo Post an article which says 'Cost of living in Miri is higher than elsewhere'.
That is what visitors and tourists as well as locals claimed, saying the prices of goods and services here are more expensive than those in other towns in the state such as Sibu and Kuching.

But I think it's not only in Miri, even in any towns in the state cost of living is getting higher if not higher. Everybody knows or at least thinks that Malaysian economy is facing a downhill turn especially this year 2009. Due to that almost anything is expensive.

I agree to that. But still people here spends, including myself :)

I once bought a Nokia N73 for RM1,560. I think because I am using it everyday I should buy a good one and which can stored a lot of songs in it at the same time! (as I am crazy for music). Nowadays one can get the same phone for RM1,000 or even less.

I read somewhere this person was willing to pay for RM1,000 for a pair of Oakley sunglasses. They are special and they are 'bluetooth' sunglasses. One can talk on the phone and can listen to songs just by wearing them.

But owning an N73 hp and a 'bluetooth' sunglasses will make one looks cool. No, I am not rich and neither is the other person :). Or did you think the economic downturn has not reached me yet or did you think I am crazy to think the economic downturn has not hit me yet? Or maybe this so called talked about the economic downturn isn't so bad at all?

One thing is sure though, that is when the economic is so bad, most people has less money to spend and is unlikely to spend unnecessarily. That include me too, for sure!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

20. About Me, the Old Me

My name is Isah.

I am a SAHM of 4 grownup children, a 'popo' to one grandson, a wife to a wonderful man who is 3 years my senior. We are both retirees but hubby is a workaholic :)

I love staying at home, cooking for my family and doing things I like and organizing my own time. I have 2 blogs, one on my simple everyday cooking and life. And one on simple things that I like to create with my fingers.

Do visit me on both blogs! And leave a little love because I'd love to hear your comments!

Taken on 26/09/2010

I also like to write, that's why I fell in love with blogging. I love reading as well, and one of them is reading my friends' and others' blogs. When I do that I feel like I am learning about other people's life. It certainly is a great joy knowing other bloggers and then become friends. This is one of the reasons I find the internet fascinating.

You can email me at blindperfect@yahoo.com about anything that I write here in this blog or about my beautiful country.

Something about the 'old me' .... :)

I used to work full time in the old days...

Sometimes I think back how it was with my life then and now. There was a lot of difference when I had worked full time, at the same time be a housewife, a mother to 4 children compared to now, as a retiree and staying home.

I've held 2 different jobs in an Oil and Gas Company, first as a Dental Assistant and then later as a Clerk.

In 1975, soon after I got married, I worked as a trained dental Assistant working in an oil gas company in my hometown. I held this first job for 12 years. And then, the company faced a severe downhill of price in oil globally and there were retrenchment amongst the workers in 1987, but I was lucky to be absorbed in the administration section of the company's clinic, as a typist. And to excel in that job I had to go for night typing classes. Much to my surprise I passed with a distinction at Elementary level and a good pass at Intermediate level.

So I was a Clerk after that...

I didn't like administration work, it was dull, boring and tedious and all day I faced not people but papers only. I told myself if I go on doing it I would go mad. So after 2 years there I asked to be transfered to the reception side. There I worked with the medical doctors and met the employees and their families each day. It was good. I know I had to be in touch with people. And where I worked I met with all kinds of people with all kinds of nationalities, the Dutch, the Nigerian, the English as well as Malaysians. It was due to mixing with them everyday that has helped me improved my speaking of English so much. Everyone I see and met at work spoke in English.

For those who would like to improve their speaking in English I can assure you that would be the fastest way to do it, just by speaking the language everyday to those people who are good in the language :)

I left the company in 1997. I worked for another 2 years in another private Medical Centre in my hometown and by 2000 I stopped working totally. I wanted to.

Looking back I've enjoyed so much in that section of my life. I was fully occupied then and always on my feet. Besides working in the gas company I was an aerobic Instructor teaching on my own 25 students after work. And that was alternating the days with improving my typing skill. I was also heavily involved with community work under Unity Department, a government department.

I worked for 22 years in the oil gas company.

Today I am a retiree and a grandmother of one grandson. I am enjoying life. I would not trade this for anything else.

Now I enjoy what I cannot do when I was working full time. Now I have time to go to the cinema, go out as I pleases and stay home if I want to.

Not forgetting, I am in this midst of younger people who likes to blog as much as I do. I said that because so far I find there weren't any Malaysian female blogger who is as old as me (laughing) ...or is there? :p

But really, I enjoyed the internet so much :) and I love blogging!

That's so much about the 'old me' and if you want to know more 'about me' then start reading the rest of the posts here because they are all connected to me :)


Sunday, March 1, 2009

19. Pedicure & Manicure

I went for a pedicure and a manicure this afternoon around 1pm. It have been quite some time I had not pamper my nails and feet. I tried this shop that I saw the other day which it called itself 'Nail's Earth'. It opened on a Sunday so I made the appointment.
This shop is just next to the 'Jasmine Cafe' and facing the 'Kaya & Toast House'.


I don't know why they called the shop 'Nail's Earth' but I know it caught my eyes when I first saw it. I was pleased too at their hospitality, they made me felt welcome during the 2 hours I sat there.

My nails after being manicured (RM30.00)

& my foot after being pedicured lol... (RM50.00 Including Lava treatment)