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Sunday, January 17, 2010

221. Eating on a Banana Leaf

After getting some medicines for Noormy's sore left eye from her panel doctor, both of us were thirsty so we stopped at this restaurant called 'Banana Leaf Rice Cafe'. It was my first time there but Noormy had been there twice. Both of us were thirsty so I ordered a glass of hot 'Teh' and she, 'Teh Special'.

My hot 'Teh' (hot tea with condensed milk) RM1.60

Noormy persuaded me to eat their 'Rice Set' (that's what they called it in the menu).
Noormy said there will be too much food in one rice set, so we decided to share one set. I was also curious to see rice serve to the customer on a banana leaf.

Rice Set ( white rice, 3 to 4 kinds of vegetables) RM5.00

Over the white rice you can ask for some gravy to be poured on so that your rice would not be too dry. We both asked for curry chicken gravy over our white rice

This red things are bitter gourd specially dipped in whisked eggs and deep fried (included as one of the vegetables)

This one is a side dish, we chose 'Curry Mutton' (you can order chicken or meat) RM5.50

That was a lot of food for one person! luckily we only ordered 1 set and not 2. After taking her medicines and chatting for a while both of us head for home.

Certainly, that was a new experience for me, eating rice on a banana leaf instead of a plate :)


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