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Thursday, January 14, 2010

218. Calendar & Envelope System

This year I can't seem to be able to get a standing calendar. The 'Sarawak Almanac' would cost a fortune, and I don't quite like the setting of the calendar, too small a space for me to write almost anything.

So now I am using this A4 paper to jot down whatever I need to remember or do what for the next day. When I used a standing calendar last year I mostly want to write what duties my 2 daughters, Aya & Noormy were on for the day, when my different bills are due, birthdays, special holidays, when I should go for my briskwalks or when my weekly maid is coming for the week. It would be either on a Thursday or a Saturday and I would make myself at home to instruct her.

Noormy helped me print this one for the month of January. I told her just make 7 squares across and 5 squares down and I will do the dates myself according to my diary calendar. Instead, she made all the 12 months of the year for me including dates & days. So nice :) and this time, instead of a standing calendar sitting on one of my 'Lansing' speakers, this will be on top of my laptop each time I am away from my desk. So, whenever I come to sit on my laptop chair, the first thing I see is this one month calendar. For the month of February it will be on another A4 page and so on accordingly.

This is how it looks like :)

For today, I should be going for my briskwalk earlier on but the rain falls non-stop on and off the whole day, so finally you find me here! :)

As I sat here, something else also strucked me. I remembered I have a lot of those 'Angpows Envelopes' that banks in my hometown gave freely on festive seasons like when it is 'Hari Raya Puasa' or during 'Chinese New Year'. I asked myself why not I use the many many 'Angpow Envelopes' that I have and turned them into my own usage as the 'Envelope System'?? I read about this idea from Manuela's blog 'Money Management'
just yesterday. I think what she introduced in her blog is a superb idea for me not to overspend or even missed my bills' payments loll...

Thank you Manuela

These are the envelopes that I have, they are free but not as good as Manuela's of course he he...

Okay... I have allocated each envelope for money for paying bills like my Astro, Vodafone, Digi & Streamyx. Another envelope is money for buying cats'food & litter sand, another, for money paying my weekly maid, another envelope is for money paying for going out eating and so forth. I labelled each envelope.

I hope this works for me, crossed fingers :p


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