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Saturday, January 9, 2010

217. Lunch at Chatterbox

See that pieces of grilled lamb? Yep, they are pieces of grilled lamb dipped in black pepper sauce. The only thing that I didn't like about the sauce was they put too much milk in it. Milk? that's what it tasted like, but because I am a lover of lamb, I just eat!

Yep, Aya 'belanja' the four of us (myself, Aya, Zu & Noormy) including Alif to lunch at 'Chatterbox' Mega Hotel. So we all went.

Nasi Campur? lol.. I 'campur' them so I called it 'Nasi Campur' :p Anyway as you can see on my plate were 'Thai Pineapple Fried Rice', 'Che Chiang Chicken','Brocolli, Salted Duck Eggs, Prawns & 'Kari Perut Tuala' (that's what I called it he he..)

Mee Kari, I think I ate 2 bowls of this :p

I tasted fruits that I did not often eat, berries & strawberries. That Chocolate Cake was delicious.

This was the setting I saw when I first came, not bad? I could see Aya & Noormy lurking in the foreground looking at the cakes there :p

At the food buffet table decorations was for the forthcoming Chinese New Year :)

Fruits... & Salads..

Fruits I ate..

Nice, soft Buns to eat with butter

Chocolate Cake again, and Caramel and 'Agar-agar Santan'.

Alif, maybe thinking 'Why are all these adults eating soooo much food !! ha ha ha...


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