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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

216. Rent?

Arrived home an hour ago...feeling tired and my feet are killing me. Now age seems to catch up on me loll...
Anyway I went to Taman Jelita to start sweeping the floor and clearing stones and grass at the compound of my new house

This afternoon 4 young male teachers were looking for a rented house and they came to my house after hearing from hubby that I would be renting my new small house :)
They are my first customers and after discussing on the rent agreement we went to have a look at the house.

Well rent or not rent I still have to clean the house up ha ha.. because I'd like to make it look clean as soon as possible after the backyard and toilet renovations.

So I was there for over an hour with Zu and Alif helping me sweep and clean lol...
Alif spent more time arguing over who holds the broom with his mom more like :)

Cleaning the place, that was the reason I am feeling tired :P


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