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Friday, January 22, 2010

223. Pasta for Breakfast

Yesterday I was browsing at things at the Boulevard supermarket at the Imperial Mall when I saw this packet of 'Mc Cormick's Creamy Garlic' to make sauce for pasta. It's been quite a while I made 'Spagetti Bolognese', I thought maybe I could try something different like this sauce. And this was very instant and has easy instructions to make. And you know I am addicted to anything with simple, easy cooking! ha ha...

So I bought one of these. I think this is quite new as it was the first time I saw it in the supermarket.

The contents was in powder form. And I do not need to add salt to it.
Mix the powder with some water, then heat it in a pan over a slow fire while stirring continously.
Add in a cup of fresh milk
Stir well,until you get the right mixture of a sauce (not too thick and not too salty)
Leave the sauce aside.

Meanwhile boil your pasta in boiling water until soft.
When cooked, place some pasta strands onto the plate then pour some of the sauce over it.
I also add some boiled cooked prawns onto it.

Before eating I grated some Kraft Cheese over it.

So that was my breakfast for today. Just perfect! :)


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