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Friday, April 9, 2010

248. Petola With Egg And Tomato

Lately hubby likes to bring home this vegetable which I called 'Petola' or 'Ketola' (Do you know what's it called in English?). I cooked it with one egg and a couple of fresh tomatoes.

The thing is, Aya who helps me in the kitchen hates peeling the skin off. So...I have to do it ha...ha...
She would say each time when she sees it,'ma...sik pandei lah aya buang kulit sayur tok' (local Sarawak language), meaning I don't know how to peel this vegetable.

I do it quite fast and always Aya looked at me in awe (grins).

I take out some old newspaper, place a few of these Petola and skinned them using this type of knife, a skin peeler (I am sure most of you ladies have seen one :p

Usually cooking had to be fast and simple whenever Aya is on morning duty to work. For example this morning. Everything has to be done in within half an hour, cooking the rice, a main dish and a vegetable dish. So, I wake up too so we can cook together. That way she can pack her lunch to work in time.

So I cooked the 'Petola' for her and for everyone in the house, for lunch today.

After cleaning the 'Petola', I cut them in small triangular shapes and washed them clean again.
Cut 2 fresh tomatoes.
Ground 2 or 3 garlic, 1 small red onion and 1 red chilli.
Heat some cooking oil in a pan.
When it is heated, add in the grounded ingredients. Stir.
Add in 1 egg. Stir again.
Add in the cut 'Petola'.
When slightly cooked, add in some water, then salt and ajinomoto to taste.

Serve hot.

Hubby likes them a bit 'soupy' so that's why I add some water. My children and I prefer the dish dry. He also prefers me to add a pinch of 'belacan' paste, I'd rather not.

I think that's fair :)


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TK said...

I love petola. It's called luffa or loofah in English. I've never tried cooking loofah with egg. Something new for me to try. Thanks for sharing!

Puan Isah said...

So...that's the name :) tqvm for the info my dear, I've looked it up in the net,with your word just now. I did look up before I wrote about it but couldn't find the English word for it :)
You're welcome, yes, it tastes yummy with eggs.

Puva said...

Came across your blog when I put a search for Malay recipe using petola. You have a delightful website and love the personal touch you give for each of your recipe. And yes, :o) I am definitely going to try out your recipe. Certainly looks yummy!

Isah J said...

Puva - Tq very much for the kind words :) I certainly hope you will come back for more recipes. I am so sorry for this late reply, still, it's v nice of you to drop by and read my blog :)