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Thursday, April 22, 2010

255. Ketchup Chicken Drumsticks

I was cleaning my big refrigerator's freezer compartment last night when I found 4 pieces of chicken drumsticks in a plastic bag. I almost forgot I have them there. Immediately I thought why not cook 'Ketchup Chicken Drumsticks' tomorrow? ( He he...if that's a name for a dish menu). So I started rummaging inside my vegetable fridge compartment and found some other things to add, 5 pieces of fresh red tomatoes and some fresh green chillies.

So that's how my dish of 'Ketchup Chicken Drumsticks' came about today.

I cut and cleaned the drumsticks, put them aside in a sieve.

Here comes the magic word, 'to cook, as always simple!' :)

I know I always says those words. Some thinks simple cooking are lazy cooking. But not for me. For me, simple cooking saves time and as long as the food I cook are good, fresh, nutritious and those that the whole family like to consume, that will be great for me! Plus the whole family loves what I cook and they know I cook with love. Ha ha...what am I doing? 'Angkat bakul sendiri ke??' :P

I do not any 'rempah tumis' to my cooking because my children do not like them. Once in a blue moon, if I think I MUST put them in, I will only add just a few of them inside the dish I am cooking.

Okay...to cook :-

Ground 3 garlic, 1 small red onion & a 2" ginger.
Heat some cooking oil in a big pan.
Saute those grounded ingredients into the pan.
Then add the cleaned cut drumsticks.
Pour 5 tablespoons of local dark soy sauce onto the drumsticks.
Stir well.
Add 2 glasses of water.
Let the chicken drumsticks come to boil and cooked.
Add 5 tablespoons of Maggi tomato sauce.
Add 2 teaspoons sugar.
Add salt and ajinomoto to taste.
Lastly add in the cut fresh tomatoes and the green chillies.

My homemade 'Ketchup Chicken Drumsticks'

Happy cooking!


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