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Sunday, April 25, 2010

257. Kinda Tired

I am feeling kinda tired this afternoon.

The whole morning from 8am - 12noon spent in my kitchen, helping Zu cooked 'Mi Kari' & ' Mi Laksa'. Zu wanted to get some friends to come home and eat today. Zu asked and told me of her wish last Friday. She can't cook those so in the end I was the one making the 'kuah' (soup or sauce) for both. She did the errands and the slicing of the chillies, tearing the cooked chicken meat, getting the boiled eggs peeled etc.

I asked her why not just cook one of them? Either Mi Kari or Mi laksa? Hish, she said one of them 'sik pandei' (local Sarawak language, means do not know) eat Mi Kari. And she could not cancel the Mi Kari because she has mentioned it in the first place.

Now, I am someone who do not like people messing in my kitchen. Hah, sounds like a stern person, am I? Yea, I hate don't like people using my kitchen and not leave it spotless clean later.
I always like putting things in their own place each time after use. Unfortunately Fortunately none of my girls are like me on this part :P

My son Farouk is. Surprisingly. No wonder the girls nicknamed him 'The Monk'.

How about your children? Any of them that follow any one of your bad good streaks?

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TODAY, I have just added and you can see it underneath my HEADER up there :) It would be a pleasure to have you my dear blogger friends, as one of my favorite readers!

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